Protect Your Investment Long After The Manufacturer's Warranty Expires!
There's only one thing wrong with the typical manufacturer's warranty: it never lasts long enough. That's not a problem with our Extended Product Agreement! This comprehensive service picks up where your manufacturer's warranty leaves off. Should you ever have a problem with any covered product due to materials or workmanship, we'll take care of it AT NO COST TO YOU! This includes:
* 100% Cost Of Parts
* 100% Cost Of Labor
* 100% Cost Of Replacement

Extended Product Agreement saves you time, too. There's no need to run all around town looking for a repair shop or calling to find the parts you need. Just give us a call! As you can see, Extended Product Agreement is a smart way to protect your investment.

America Price Only

Terms and Conditions

Instructions: You must keep this contract and the sales receipt for the product; they are integral parts of this agreement and you may be required to produce them to obtain service.

To Obtain Service: Call ISI at the number shown above for repair authorization. Unauthorized repairs may void this contract.

Definitions: 1) WE: ISI; 2) YOU: The individual who purchased the product and this contract. 3) PRODUCT: The consumer item which you purchased concurrently with and is covered by this contract; 4) BREAKDOWN: The mechanical or electrical failure of the product caused by defects in workmanship and/or materials.

What Is Covered: This contract covers parts and labor costs resulting from a mechanical or electrical failure of the product caused by defects in workmanship and/or materials. We will repair or replace the product, or reimburse you for authorized repairs to or replacement of the product, at our discretion, when required due to a breakdown which is not covered under any other insurance policy, warranty or service contract. Commercially used products are covered only if this contract is specifically endorsed for commercial use. This contract is not a warranty, guarantee or promise relating to the materials, workmanship or performance of the product.

Terms of Coverage: Coverage extends for one year beyond the original manufacturer's warranty.

Limit of Liability: The least of the cost of 1) authorized parts, 2) replacement with a product with similar features. 3) reimbursement for authorized repairs or replacement, or 4) the price that you paid for the product.

What Is Not Covered: 1) Incidental or consequential damages; 2) Damage from accident, abuse, misuse, introduction of foreign objects into the product, unauthorized product modifications or alterations, failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, third-party actions (fire, collision, vandalism, theft, etc.), the elements or acts of God; 3) Accessories and supplies, including: batteries, antennas, cartridges, styluses, records, audio/video disks, tapes, computer software or disks, remote controls, print elements, external power supplies, vacuum cleaner belts, bulbs, spark plugs, filters, trimmer lines, or exterior pipes or plumbing; or 4) Preventative maintenance

Transfer: This contract is transferable to subsequent owners of the product subject to written notification and payment of a $20 transfer fee to ISI. The transferred contract continues the original terms of the contract.

Cancellation: You may cancel this contract within 90 days from the date of purchase by surrendering it to ISI for a full refund.

Entire Contract: This contract, including the terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions, constitutes the entire agreement.

Endorsements: Any endorsements provided with this contract supersede the applicable general terms & conditions shown above.