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Brasher Doubloon Tribute Coin

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Brasher Doubloon Tribute Coin Brasher Doubloon Tribute Coin
Brasher Doubloon Tribute Coin
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The single most important coin in American numismatics - clad in pure 24K gold!
The Brasher Doubloon coin is often called the Holy Grail of all collectible gold coins and is considered to be the first legal tender gold coin to be made in America. It was once part of the U.S. Mint National Coin Collection. Recently it was sold for over $7.3 million dollars, making it the third highest price paid for a coin to date. This tribute is faithful to the original and includes the Brasher surname on the reverse and the EB initial stamp on the eagle on the obverse. Clad in 14mg 24K gold.
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