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EasySeat Adjustable Bike Seat

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EasySeat Adjustable Bike Seat
EasySeat Adjustable Bike Seat Item No. WW22-3522 Overall Customer Rating: (6 reviews)   Read reviews or write a review
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No pain, your gain!
Easyseat bike seats are well engineered and designed to relive pressure in the perineum region of the body. So unlike a conventional bike seat with a horn, the Easyseat allows for normal blood flow through vital arteries in sensitive regions of your body. The remarkable design of this seat places your body weight properly on the sit-bones - this in turn prevents regular cycling pains, numbness, and has been medically proven to eliminate serious complications connected with the prostate region in men and vaginal nerve damage in women. Ideally suited for semi or upright, commuter cycling and can be adapted in most cases to indoor exercise bikes. A truly unisex design with immediate medical benefits, The Easyseat is the sure way to revolutionize the way you cycle.
9/16/2011 - KMH - North Tonawanda, NY
I purchased one of these seats several years ago. I love it, and am buying one for my new son-in-law. Two reasons for 4 star review: 1) seat seems to tip forward - but that may be my fault in adjustment. It's really not a big issue and 2) My daughter and husband still mock me for using it. We'll see who is numb after a long bike ride! It won't be me.

4/11/2010 - MAB - Indianapolis, IN
This is my second season riding on this sadle. I love it and am thinking of getting 2 more for my other bicycles. Maybe I'd ride THEM more often with one of these seats on them!

4/1/2009 - VMC - San Francisco, CA
Love this seat, no more pain, easy to adjust. I ride more since I had this seat.
Just give it a try!

11/5/2008 - BTR - lewes, DE
best seat i've ever own....and i've tried them all!!!!

7/16/2008 - DAJ - Jackson, MO
Had this seat for quite some time now, wouldn't trade it for any other seat. Took a little bit of adjusting to get the right fit but now its grrreat.

7/12/2008 - SS - Pitsburgh, PA

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