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Electro/ Ultra Pest Repellers

- Model #: GX-06
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Electro/ Ultra Pest Repellers  Model# GX-06 Electro/ Ultra Pest Repellers  Model# GX-06Electro/ Ultra Pest Repellers  Model# GX-06
Electro/ Ultra Pest RepellersElectro/ Ultra Pest Repellers
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This pest repeller combines both electromagnetic AND ultrasonic technologies to create a force field that varmits just can't stand!
Got pests? Don't reach for dangerous poisons or messy traps, plug in this Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Pest Repeller! Its electromagnetic technology uses your home's wiring to send irritating signals that drive critters from your interior walls, while the ultrasonic technology emits high-frequency sounds that keeps them away. Each unit effectively covers an entire floor of your home and has an extra AC outlet on the side for convenience. 3.25" x 2.75" x 4.5".
11/14/2011 - KL - Batavia, OH
They work great. I have not seen a mouse or droppings in the kitchen since we plugged them in! Also no more scurrying around in the attic at night! We got two sets of these. We have them all over, kitchen under the house, garage, laundry area, loft, etc. Also customer service was a great about a return.

10/3/2011 - RBII - Menifee, CA
LOL They Work!!!
I purchased them After reading MLP report. and I tell ya there good, just dont let the kids plug the toster in the extra outlet it broke it( smaller wattage ok)

Yes they work!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/19/2011 - FM - Verona, NJ
We had spiders and ants come in to the house every spring and now we use one on every floor of the house (basement, first, second and third floor) and now we haven't seen any bugs since we plugged them in. We change the frequency every week. Great product !!!!!

4/26/2011 - MLP - Media, PA
Best invention yet! Live on a farm, plenty of fruit trees, ants, stink bugs, mice and a variety of other varments. As much as I respect God's critters, somehow I feel they should be outside and their freeloading is not a choice. Purchased two sets Electro/Ultra, one for each floor including the basement, and two (5) pks of the Ultra sound and have one in each room. EVERYBODY has left the house!
I have referred numerous people to these products based on the success we have had. Safe for pets and all members of the household. So, if you have critter issues, give these a try. Healthy way for everyone...

11/5/2010 - FSC - JERSEY, NJ
I was not sure about this product at first but when I start reading the other reviews I said to myself to give it a shot. So I ordered - what the heck. The very first day I use both of them right away. I'm like saying to myself 'NO WAY' it's been a week now and I haven't seen mice or rat. It's amazing how this thing works, it does the job like it said so. I can live peacefuly now without my wife and kids jumping everytime they see mice or rat. I tell you, if you're reading this......buy it and it's worth paying $29 for pair. No more poisonous rat or mice checmical traps very dangerous to inhale it travels thru the duct system and air around the house. Very simple product to use, just plug them in and that's all you don't have to do anything, it's a done deal.

2/28/2010 - A.M. - PHOENIX, NY
We bought black and decker repellers and they were junk. Had to have one or two in each room. We still had rodents....These really work! We've had field mice, deer mice and moles in the house. We tried glue traps, t-rex traps.......We had to be careful what we used because we have small children. Ever since we plugged these in we have not had any rodents! Our house is 3200 sq. feet. Two of these pest repellers are doing the job nicely. One on each floor of the house. We switch the settings every other day. We would buy these again.

12/3/2009 - QR - ft. collins, CO
The rat said, "I'm outa' here, fool!" And I ain't never seen his likes agin'.

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