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Evaporative Air Cooler

- Model #: SF-610
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Evaporative Air Cooler  Model# SF-610
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The benefits of an evaporative air cooler, ionizer and humidifier in one portable package!
The latest rage in affordable house cooling in evaporative coolers. They are helping people keep cool all across the country! When the heat cranks up, you can pay outrageous electricity rates to power a traditional air conditioner, or simply plug in this evaporative air cooler and save big! It uses the same amount of electricity as a 60W light bulb and works by drawing air through a water-saturated wick. As the air passes through, some of the water evaporates and rids the air of heat. The cool air is then returned to the room to keep you refreshed. And there's more! The on-board ionizer and pre-filter work to purify the air while the humidifier provides an extra level of comfort. Features computer controlled airflow, water curtain cyclic system for enhanced cooling, oscillating louvers for directing airflow, 7L tank capacity, ice tank for extra cooling power, three fan speeds, 7-1/2 hour timer, 120-degree oscillating fan and more. Works best in hot, dry climates. Approx. 9-1/2"x12"x28-1/4". 1-year limited warranty.
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