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Miracle LED Bulb Recessed Light - Pair

- Model #: 605018
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Miracle LED Bulb Recessed Light - Pair  Model# 605018 Miracle LED Bulb Recessed Light - Pair  Model# 605018
Miracle LED Bulb Recessed Light - Pair
Miracle LED Bulb Recessed Light - Pair Item No. WW22-60880 Overall Customer Rating: (6 reviews)   Read reviews or write a review
MSR: $49.90
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Miracle LED recessed bulb delivers the light of a 50 watt bulb, yet runs on only 1.3 watts. Costs only $1.17 a year to operate!
Move over energy-hogging incandescent and mercury-filled CFLs - the light bulb of the future has arrived! Lasts 50 times longer than ordinary bulbs! Here's a great way to fight back against soaring energy costs and help protect the environment too. This bulb has 38 high quality LEDs and has a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours. It produces very little heat too, so it helps cut on cooling costs. Quality glass diffuser provides a soft-white light. Great for indoors or out! Model may vary slightly from photo.
9/29/2009 - FAL - Bryan, TX
Great bulbs. Need protection out of doors, however. I placed the end of a small plastic water bottle over them. Works like a charm. About 40-75 watts bright, subjectively.

9/6/2009 - GQ - Ocala, FL
I got the 54 LED variety. I use one for an outside floodlamp. It seems fairly bright and shines about 100+ feet back to my fence. It would be even better if they sold some with yellow buglight LED's. Very bright yellow LED's can be found on the market. If they sold them with these, I would probably buy about 8 more of them.

9/3/2009 - HDC - Davenport, OK
I got two of them and they work well when you need directional lighting. They work well in can lights. They have about a 20 degree light spread. They should call it a spot light. It is a very white or cool light. It more like a 40 watt incandecent, not a 100, but still a good bargain.

8/21/2009 - GL - Auburn, NY
I like these bulbs a lot. My only complaint is that they are NOT equivelant to 100 watts (incandescent). They are more like 40 watts.

8/9/2009 - RLB - New Phila, OH
I bought these several months ago. For the price I was very unsure if they would be worth the effort. I was pleased to find the product was very good. I use it in a recessed can light above my kitchen sink and it makes a great light there. Just remember this light is meant for directional purposes. Any other use I would not recommend. I am hoping for a table lamp version! Let's go green!

7/14/2009 - VJ - West Palm Beach, FL
They must be shipping an improved version compared to what is in the ad copy.

I received a bulb that has 38 LED's, and when I tested them on my watt meter, they did not even register. These are a very smart buy compared to what you will find at Walmart or Home Centers. GE and Sylvania for example have some real lousy LED product that is way overpriced ( GE ) or really lousy performance ( Sylvania )

I wouldn't recommend these for a table lamp for example as the light is very directional in out put similar to a LED flashlight. They work great in recessed can lights, I even have them in my outdoor motion lights , my mechanics trouble light where I used to blow an incandescent bulb every time I dropped it, I may never replace that bulb again!!! These are very durable and well made bulbs!

These will work in any standard light bulb base, they are very bright in output, I give these a strong thumbs up!

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