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Optimus 9 Inch Dish Heater

- Model #: H-4110
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Optimus 9 Inch Dish Heater  Model# H-4110
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Revolutionary dish heater feels like 3 times the heat and uses less energy than ordinary electric heaters!
Say "goodbye" to cold basement rooms, freezing garages and chilly dens! This dish heater uses a special reflector that focuses heat to deliver what feels like three times the heat of ordinary electric heaters. It costs less to operate too. Also features 300W power, up/down tilt, cool touch housing and ultra quiet operation. Comes with overheat thermal cut-off safety device, tip-over safety switch and built-in handle. 8.4" x 13.2" x 8". 3-year limited warranty.
11/23/2011 - SMJ - Columbus, OH
I love Optimus heaters! This one was my first one. For a bedroom or small room, it provides great heat. I like it uses little electric but heats very well. I have three other heaters from Optimus, and I cannot stop saying wonderful things about them!

1/11/2011 - VKM - Alamosa, CO
This does what it is supposed to do, produce radiant heat in small spaces. It will not heat a big room, but will take the chill off a smaller room. Excellent for bathroom, laundry room or as added heat to a small bedroom.

We live 100% off grid, using wind and solar - the low wattage is PERFECT. I bought 2 - one for our bedroom for those cold Rocky Mountain nights and one for the Living Room as a chill chaser.

11/27/2010 - DL - Ocean, NJ
Heater heats up quickly and quietly. It heats a small area nicely.

3/23/2010 - EBC - glenshaw, PA
a great heater. heats a 9x 12 room , quite adequately, had to turn off after 15minutes of use . room got warm,quickly. put a fan behind it and you are toasty warm. good heating at 30* or above. 20* gain in temp.

2/4/2010 - TM - Cincinnati, OH
It takes a couple of minutes to get warm, but it then produces a soft warm heat that is far superior to forced air heaters. There is no fan, so no dry air is blown in your face. It's not for every application as it's only going to work if the heater is placed close to you. But if you can use it on a hard surface and point it directly at you, you'll love the results.

1/10/2010 - W,R, - Austinville, VA
It is good in a very small place, like a small bathroom. To get much heat from it you have to be near it.

12/25/2009 - MCJ - Myrtle Beach, SC
Works great providing, gentle heat, with low watt usage and of course--quietly. I

12/24/2009 - EARL - Bronx, NY
One Optimus Heater is excellent for the bathroom on top of a hard toilet seat, for when getting out the shower. It really keeps you warm. Two Heaters in one room on the left and right side of you at a 4 feet distance, feels like summer on a winter day. Buy two, trust me.

11/22/2009 - J.S. - palacios, TX
Use in bath room. ITS PERRFECT.

10/19/2009 - GWA - Trinity, TX
This heater is great for close proximity use. I place it on an end table near my chair and it feels like sitting in warm sunlight in a cold room. At 300 watts, its really much of a room heater, but it serves its purpose nicely for me. Also great when stepping out of a warm shower in a cool bathroom.

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