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Proline Convection Oven

- Model #: WK-2206
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Proline Convection Oven  Model# WK-2206 Proline Convection Oven  Model# WK-2206Proline Convection Oven  Model# WK-2206
Proline Convection OvenProline Convection Oven
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Bake, roast, barbecue, broil, air-fry, air-broil, grill and steam foods to mouth-watering perfection at faster-than-microwave speeds!
Convection oven from Savoureux Pro Line combines the performance of ten appliances in one! This time saver replaces a kitchen full of appliances including a standard oven, broiler, microwave, toaster oven, rotisserie, grill, deep-fat fryer, convection oven, electric frying pan & electric steamer. It cooks virtually anything at breakneck speeds & uses 60% less energy. Features convection cooking technology, 1200 watts of power, adjustable thermostat & timer. Comes with large 12-liter capacity bowl, upper & lower rack and tongs. Easy to "turn it on & watch it go".
3/26/2013 - SD - YANKTON, SD
This was the fourth oven I have purchased. First one I purchased I was in TX. We enjoyed using it and had great results. I bought two more as gifts. They both like theirs and use it often. I left the first one purchased in TX. Now that I'm home I had to have one to prepare my favorite meals. Well worth the money.

11/21/2012 - DR - SPARKS, NV
This is a great convection oven. Uses a fraction of the power that a full size oven uses. Cooks faster because of the hot air flow. Perfect for Shake & Bake Chicken or Pork Chops, or anything else you dream up. I like it so much that I bought a second one for my nephew to use in his small apartment.

6/27/2012 - YH - New York, NY
Great product!!!! Cooks well and fast!! Oven fried chicken is so crispy that even the bones are crispy, this was shocking to me. Will purchase another as a gift...

5/2/2012 - JRR - MEMPHIS, TN
VERY NICE .... I bought this after seeing an infomercial w/ the other name brand and realized it was in my Heartland book. I was kinda so-so on its ability but MAN WHAT A DEAL ! I am no chef in the kitchen but now i'm doing homecooked meals without fear of overcooking or undercooking. The meals are GREAT !!! Only reason i didnt give it a 5 Star is that the book isnt more detailed but this oven is GREAT. Thanks Heartland - once again you saved me $$$ ......

3/9/2012 - BG - COLUMBUS, OH
Got this exact same thing from my local CVS store, but it doesn't matter where you get it, just GET IT....I use this 2 to 3 times a day, for everything...it even cleans itself, you sure can't beat that!!!

This is worth at least 3 times its price...You will not be sorry!!! as others have said, though, you do a lot of guesswork as to times and temps, but hey, that's part of the fun!

Best money I ever spent!!!!!

12/7/2011 - LA - Waterford, CA
Works Great

9/23/2011 - BOB - Pahoa, HI
I've owned several versions of this oven and have loved them all.
It's economical using only a fraction of the electricity of full size oven.
it portable so you can cook outside on hot days and not heat up the house.
and it does a great job especially on frozen foods like fries. it makes the best bacon I ever had, crisp and dry because the oil is blown off foods.

8/31/2011 - RC - Porterville, CA
This Savoureux oven is great. I bought mine because I had seen the infomercial for the other famous one (only in name as far as I'm concerned) and liked what they said about cooking with this handy quick meal unit. For over a hundred dollars less, you can buy this oven and enjoy the same quality meals they cook on TV. Yes, it really does cook meals fast and the meals you cook are restaurant quality. I plan to buy a few more as X-mas presents this year for my brothers and sisters. You can't go wrong with this convection oven.

7/14/2011 - J.E. - Honolulu, HI
I purchased mine before I saw them sold here. There are many things I really like about this oven. First of all. It's fast and easy to use. I love the cleaning process. I think it's fun to watch the water move around as it looks like the waves, I see on the ocean. But if you look at the lid and make sure that you clean the underside that looks like a grill, with Vineger, you'll find it's clean and sanatary. That's the only part that is not self cleaning or that you can't put into the dishwasher or sink. Most people forget to clean that part. If you keep it clean like the rest of the oven, you'll have it around for many years to come. Mahalo from Honolulu Hawaii.

6/16/2011 - KH - Smithfield, VA
OMG! The food is awesome, so full of favor. The meat falls out the bone, never have I experienced this before. The vegetables cook great as well. This is a must have. I am buying one for our daughter in TX.

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