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Solarex Sun Lamp

- Model #: CD-001
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Solarex Sun Lamp  Model# CD-001
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Even during a storm you can enjoy clear, glare-free, bright "sunlight" everyday!
Solarex lamps reproduce the clear, full spectrum, flicker-free light of the sun for indoor lighting that's easy on the eyes and can help improve your mood! This lamp features a special 27W bulb that provides as much light as a typical 150W incandescent bulb, and lasts up to 5 times longer - using less energy, too! It outputs a clear, bright white light that makes colors more vivid, increasing the contrast and reducing glare that can cause headaches and eye strain. It's great for reading, working or for doing crafts. Plus it has a flexible neck so you can position the light where you need it most. Floor lamp is 45-60'' tall.
6/19/2010 - DLM - Parkville, MD
I ordered this lamp several months ago. I have used ordinary floor lamps in the past, but I was never satisfied with the lighting. I ordered the Solarex and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I am an avid reader and use my lamp often. I recommend it.

6/11/2010 - PJ - Fort Meade, FL
I LOVE this lamp. I use it for needle work. It's great. If you craft...you need this lamp! The ones craft stores sell cost over 200 dollars! Can't beat this one!

4/22/2010 - RH - Boston, MA
It's a bit of a misnomer to call this a "sun lamp" - I'm not sure what the manufacturer meant by using that name. What it produces is a broad spectrum, very white light - you don't get the "off" yellow or green color that some C.F. type bulbs can produce. For either the floor lamp or table model the flexble neck allows you to direct the light right where you need it. And they produce a very large field of light. We love these for general use But more importantly, our Dad has macular degeneration and was complaining that regular lamps weren't bright enough for reading. We can't see what he sees so we can only go by his reports. Dad said these lamps are "really good" and a big improvement over traditional lamps for reading. With that flexible head he can point the light source directly at his reading material and that makes a big difference. We would have to go to lamps costing $200.00 plus to find the next level of improvement for his problem. The replacement bulbs are readily available at those "big box" home improvement stores. The HLA price for the replacement bulbs is a very good price (I checked), but you don't have to worry about getting replacement bulbs in the future either.

4/1/2010 - DOM - Kelso, WA
I bought a pair of these for my wife's sewing table. She just loves them!

8/11/2009 - SAS - SPECULATOR, NY

7/17/2009 - PMT - Nashua, NH
I bought the combo pak of the floor and desk lamps, both of which I had seen in other catalogs...at much higher prices!
The product quality is outstanding, and 27 watts produces brilliant yet soft light for small-type reading and handling small items for hours w/o eye fatigue. Gotta buy a pak o' spare bulbs real soon.

4/8/2009 - DM - Parkville, MD
This is a great lamp. I had been using a small desk light that has a halogen bulb. It provides good light, but it is very hot. The Solarex provides bright, but soft light without the excess heat. It is not only functional, but it is attractive as well. I also got the Solarex floor lamp. It is an excellent reading light.

10/30/2008 - SP - Whittier, CA
This is one of the best lamps I've ever used! It's great for reading; or when requiring detailed work. I've got both the floor light, and the desk lamp, each of which have great styling. At this price, it's a steal! I also use it as a general light to light-up entire room.

9/26/2008 - JD - Monrovia, MD
My wife's elderly mother needs extra light to read by, and this lamp is perfect. Previously used a floor model, which just could not be positioned to get light where she needed it.

Works great!

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