5 Piece Wine Set
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5 Piece Wine Set

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    Item No. 38720 5 Piece Wine Set

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    Enjoy wine? Then you'll love this 5-piece wine set! Everything you need to open, chill, serve and store your favorite vintage!

    Product Info for Wine Set

    Uncork and unwind the easy way with this handy 5 Piece Wine Set! Using the full wine tool set, you can easily open, pour, and store your favorite wine. The set comes with a wine chilling stick and aerator, foil cutter, bottle opener, pour spout, and a vacuum sealer. It's a must-have for wine lovers to enjoy wine at home. It also makes an excellent gift for other wine connoisseurs or enthusiasts to enjoy.

    This wine set has everything you need to better enjoy a bottle of wine. Use the foil cutter to easily cut the foil top from your wine bottle. It eliminates frustrating peeling by hand or using a dangerous knife for removal. Once the foil is off, bust out the wine opener for effortless uncorking. Then, pop in the pour spout so you can serve without splashing onto your tablecloth, countertop, or clothing. It's especially handy to have if you're on your second bottle!

    Once you've got your wine poured cleanly into your glass without foil, you can make it taste even better using the wine chilling stick and aerator included in the wine set. It keeps white wine cool for hours (or red wine if you prefer your reds chilled). The wine aerator helps the wine reach its full potential, providing the most optimal flavor. For wine leftover in the open bottle, use the wine vacuum sealer to help keep your wine more fresh for a longer period of time.

    Features of Wine Set

    • Wine chilling stick and built-in aerator keeps white wine cool for hours
    • Foil cutter eliminates frustrating peeling by hand or using a dangerous knife
    • Bottle opener for effortless uncorking
    • Pour spout lets you serve without splashing onto tablecloth, countertop or clothing
    • Vacuum sealer helps keep wine in open bottles fresh for a longer period of time
    • Great for use at home or giving as a gift
    • All pieces in kit are easy to use and made of high-quality materials
    • Comes with all the essential fun tools for enjoying every pour
    • Color: Black/Clear

    Package Contents:

    • Wine Set
    • Wine Chilling Stick and Aerator
    • Foil Cutter, Bottle Opener
    • Pour Spout, Vacuum Sealer

    Additional Information

    Weight 1.50
    Brand Prep by New Domaine
    Condition New
    Model Number 2200
    Dimensions N/A
    UPC 196428006103