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Cobra CPI190 Portable Power Inverter - 2 Pack

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    Item No. 87521 Cobra CPI190 Portable Power Inverter - 2 Pack

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    Cobra AC power inverter with USB charging port! Get two of these Cobra Traveler 130W power inverters for what you'd expect to pay for one!

    Product Info for Power Inverters

    Charge a variety of electronic devices right in your car with the two packs of Cobra CPI190 Portable Power Inverters! These inverters plug into your car's cigarette lighter/12V socket and power your electronic devices with the AC outlet and 2.4 amp USB port. Each power inverter provides up to 260W peak power and 130W continuous power.

    Comes with two Cobra CPI190 Portable Power Inverters! Put one in each car or give one as a gift to friends or family. The car power inverters are great for using while travelling on long road trips, commutes, and while camping when there isn't an outlet available. With the AC outlet and USB port, you can easily charge many different types of electronics including cell phones, tablets, laptops, rechargeable flashlights, mini stereo boomboxes, small gaming systems and more.

    The Cobra CPI190 Portable Power Inverters are the smallest 130W CLP design power inverter in the market, saving space in your car while still being able to fully power your household AC devices. It tucks neatly away in your glove box console when not in use and has a swivel arm design for convenience. Built-in cooling vents help prevent the power inverter from overheating, providing the most optimal performance.

    Features of Power Inverters

    • Grounded AC outlet converts DC vehicle battery power to AC household power
    • Great for using while travelling or camping
    • Single AC outlet is ideal for powering laptops, small gaming systems and other AC devices
    • The smallest 130W CLP design power inverter in the market
    • Provides up to 260W peak/130W continuous power
    • USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet computer
    • Swivel arm design plugs into your vehicle's 12V socket
    • Tucks neatly away in glove box or console
    • 2-pack lets you keep one in each vehicle or give 1 as a gift

    Package Contents:

    • Power Inverters

    Factory serviced to meet original quality standards. May have slight cosmetic blemishes.

    Additional Information

    Weight 2.00
    Brand Cobra
    Condition Factory Serviced
    Model Number CPI190
    Dimensions 5" x 2.53" x 1.25"
    UPC 028377313622
    Color Black