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Rebate Information
How to redeem your rebate
Redeeming your rebate is fast and easy. Go to the rebates page and fill out the form in its entirety.

Please click here to redeem your rebate now with Instant Click and Claim™.
Rebate terms and conditions
Rebate instructions will be printed on the product invoice. In order to receive a rebate, you will need:

1) The original invoice (enclosed in or attached to the shipment package). No copies will be accepted.
2) Mail in rebates must be received at the Rebate Processing Center prior to the expiration date on the rebate form.
3) In order to receive an online merchandise credit you must register at

Rebates are available in the form of a merchandise credit, gift card or refund check. Merchandise credits are processed within 3 days, gift cards will take 8-10 days to receive and refund checks take 8-10 weeks for processing. Limit 1 rebate per product per customer. Noncompliant materials will not be honored or returned. Other limitations may apply. Valid in the United States only and void where prohibited by law.