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Deluxe Handheld 8-Function Showerhead

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    Item No. 57792 Deluxe Handheld 8-Function Showerhead

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    A deluxe, custom shower experience at your fingertips! Saves water without sacrificing performance quality!

    Product Info for Shower Head Massager

    Nothing is more invigorating than stepping out from a relaxing shower feeling clean from the inside out. Envelope yourself in a spa-like oasis with this contemporary cool eight-function handheld shower head massager set. With the three-way diverter, effortlessly transition between each shower head to release a consistent stream of water. As an eco-friendly showerhead, water is dispersed at a rate less than the average GPM, without sacrificing performance quality. This makes it not only great for the earth but great for your wallet too!

    Easy to use, this deluxe shower head massager gives a custom shower experience that is right at your fingertips with a simple twist of the dial. Switch between eight water types and patterns to get a unique shower experience every time. Water types and patterns include shower, spray, bubble, pulse, shower & spray, shower & pulse, shower & bubble, and pause.

    Turn the 4-inch diameter showerhead to activate the massaging function. The pulsating spray works to rinse away all the tension and aches of every nerve end down the drain. Or simply use the general shower spray to immerse yourself in a calming cocoon of water. Not just for humans, the detachable shower head is great for rinsing off pets or cleaning off your shower/bathtub. However you use it, this beautiful shower head massager will provide the best shower experience every time!

    Features of Shower Head Massager

    • Eight spray settings: shower, spray, bubble, pulse, shower + spray, shower + pulse, shower + bubble and pause
    • Releases water at an average of 1.52 GPM less than the standard 2.5 GPM rate without sacrificing performance
    • Tangle-free hose for maximum reach
    • Great for a relaxing shower, rinsing off pets, or cleaning the shower/tub
    • Made of durable plastic, geared to withstand years of use
    • Easy to set up with no tools required to assemble
    • Eco-friendly and consistant spray showerhead
    • Silicone jet nozzles prevent mineral deposits from building up
    • Beautiful polished chrome look goes great with a variety of decors and fixtures
    • Textured handle for a non-slip grip

    Package Contents:

    • Shower Head Massager
    • User Manual

    Additional Information

    Weight 1.00
    Brand Home Basics
    Condition New
    Model Number SM10053
    Dimensions 4"x8.2"x4"
    UPC 857198100537
    Color Chrome