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EDX 9 Piece Full-Body Workout Kit

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    Item No. 36479 EDX 9 Piece Full-Body Workout Kit

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    Everything you need for a full-body/cardio workout and everyday therapy exercises! This nine-piece, full-body workout kit is ideal for yoga, Pilates, cardio workouts and more!

    Product Info for Workout Kit

    Get a total body workout wherever and whenever you want with the EDX 9 Piece Full-Body Workout Kit! The workout kit comes with all the fitness equipment essentials you need for an effective full body workout. Included in the 9 piece gym kit is a fitness mat, jump rope, five resistance band loops, and two matching ankle/wrist weights.

    With the EDX 9 Piece Full-Body Workout Kit, you can do a variety of home workouts. The black 2-inch mat is padded to cushion your joints and body, essential for those who have issues with their knees, hips, or wrists. It's also non-slip so it helps keep you grounded; perfect for yoga, Pilates, floor exercises, and resistance training. Mat is lightweight, easily portable, and takes up minimal storage space.

    For more intensive cardio and coordination training, use the tangle-resistant vinyl jump rope. Ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and the 10 foot jump rope is adjustable for custom sizing. For frequent walkers, the ankle/wrist weights are perfect for getting a more intensive workout while walking. Each of the two sand filled ankle/wrist weights are two pounds each and feature adjustable straps with a breathable design that wicks away moisture.

    The EDX 9 Piece Full-Body Workout Kit also includes five resistance band loops. Each band has a different resistance level, from one through five, and come in five different colors so you can easily differentiate them. Use the resistance bands to increase strength in both upper and lower body (primarily used for leg and buttocks workouts). They can also help improve flexibility and mobility.

    Features of Workout Kit

    • Includes essentials needed for an effective full body workout
    • Great for staying in shape, thereapy exercises, and cardio workouts
    • Comes with fitness mat, jump rope, 5 resistance band loops, 2 ankle/wrist weights
    • Durable 2mm thick mat has non-slip surface and is padded to cushion your body and joints
    • Tangle-resistant vinyl jump rope with ergonomic non-slip handles
    • Two 2-lb. ankle/wrist weights with adjustable straps and breathable fabric design
    • Five resistance band loops with different levels of resistance
    • All pieces are made with high-quality materials that are made to last

    Package Contents:

    • Workout Kit
    • Fitness Mat, Jump Rope
    • 5 x Resistance Band Loops
    • 2 x Ankle/Wrist Weights

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    Additional Information

    Weight 7.40
    Condition New
    Model Number EDX-FBKT-2PDQ
    Dimensions 8.5"x28"x7"
    UPC 840093309679
    Color Black