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EZGO Toilet Stool - 2 Pack

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    Item No. 81190 EZGO Toilet Stool - 2 Pack

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    Go time just got easier! Our bodies are anatomically designed to eliminate in a natural squatting position which is made easier to do with a toilet stool.

    Product Info for Toilet Stool

    Spend less time in the bathroom and save your marriage! Tired of waiting for your partner to get out of the bathroom? The EZ-GO Toilet Stool can help with that. While it doesn't make you go faster if you're highly invested in the movie you're watching, the toilet foot stool can make the process faster and easier if you let it. Includes two toilet stools. Use one for each bathroom, give another to a friend as a gift, or keep one for travel. These toilet stools will not go to waste; they'll help remove waste!

    Squatting allows muscles to relax and provides a healthy toilet posture, allowing the colon to fully open and empty quickly. EZ-GO Toilet Stool lifts your feet and moves your knees above your hips, making it natural to squat while on the toilet. Sitting on the toilet in this position helps with constipation, hemorrhoids, colon problems, IBS, or bladder problems. Kids can also benefit from using a potty stool to better reach the toilet or the bathroom sink for washing their hands.

    This premium toilet stool is durable and made to last. Crafted with ABS plastic, it's easy to clean and can endure frequent sanitization. There are footprint markers to show where to properly place your feet to get into the correct position. Once in position, knees are above hips which allow muscles to fully relax and the anal canal to open fully for easier elimination. It's the best stool for your stool!

    Using a Toilet Stool is scientifically proven to help with bowel movements. Researchers have found from over 1,000 bowel movements tested that 90% of people using a toilet stool had less strain and over 70% of people had faster bowel movements. The toilet stool reduces strain and makes going number two easier on your body for many more poops to come.

    Features of Toilet Stool

    • Knees above hip position allows muscles to fully relax allowing the anal canal to open fully for easier elimination
    • Easy wipe clean ABS plastic construction
    • Sturdy ergonomic design with non-slip surface and feet
    • Collapses down and folds to only 1.25" for easy storage and travel
    • Helps with constipation, hemorrhoids, colon problems, IBS, or bladder problems
    • Helps with urination for women, helping reduce UTIs
    • Great for kids who need help reaching the toilet or sink
    • Stores conveniently under the toilet when not in use
    • Footprint markers show where to properly place feet
    • Dimensions: 10.5 ?x 5.5? x 18.25?

    Package Contents:

    • Toilet Stool
    • Toilet Stool

    Additional Information

    Weight 4.80
    Brand Viatek
    Condition New
    Model Number EZGO1
    Dimensions 10.5" x 5.5" x 18.25"
    UPC 196428000842
    Color White