First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag
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Item No. 58281 First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag

First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag
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Item No. 58281 First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag

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  • Item No. 58281 First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag

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UV-C pouch sterilizes your phone in just five minutes! Don't let your cellphone become laden with disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses!

Product Info for UV Phone Sanitizer

Keep your cell phone germ-free with the First Health UV Phone Sanitizer Bag! Simply place your phone inside the zippered compartment with UV-C light and blast away 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses. In just five minutes, it disinfects phones and other small everyday items up to 7 inches in length. It's a stylish, portable bag pouch that can be used wherever you go so you can always have a clean cell phone available for use. UV lifetime is 10,000 hours, giving you an incredible amount of sanitizing sessions.

It?s a common fact that on average, cell phones have around 10x more germs than a toilet seat. That's not appealing when using your phone right next to your face while talking on the phone or when your phone is near you while you're eating. This UV phone sanitizer bag has UV-C light that destroys 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria so you can use your cell phone on a daily basis without worrying about constantly touching a germ-infested device. This phone cleaner is also better than cleaning wipes, which can erode your phone's protective layer and screen from the alcohol or chemicals. The UV-C light also provides 360 degree coverage so every inch of your phone will be fully sterilized.

The UV phone sanitizer bag is ultra-convenient to use. Easily bring it with you on everyday errands to protect your cell phone. There's a storage pocket for cash, credit cards and other items so you can use it as a phone wallet. To use the phone sanitizer UV light feature, simply place your phone or other small item in the pouch, zipper it shut, and turn it on. UV light automatically turns off when sanitation is finished. It's powered by any USB-A power source such as a power bank, wall adapter, or computer.

Features of UV Phone Sanitizer

  • Equipped with an on-board UV-C light that kills up to 99.9 percent of viruses, germs and bacteria
  • Disinfects phones and other small items in just five minutes
  • Storage pocket for cash, credit cards and other items
  • Fits phones and other objects up to 7 inches
  • Portable, perfect for sanitizing during travelling
  • Carrying strap lets you take it along with ease
  • UV lifetime: 10000-hours, UV wavelenght: 265 nm - 280 nm, 360 degree sterilization
  • Powered by any USB-A power source such as a power bank, computer or wall adapter
  • Zipper closure keeps phone secure and seals in UV light
  • Color: Black

Package Contents:

  • UV Phone Sanitizer

Additional Information

Weight 0.31
Brand First Health
Condition New
Model Number FH7069
Dimensions 7.28" x 3.94" x .98"
UPC 643620029831
Color Black