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GoFire GF100 Fire Starters - 100 Pack

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    Item No. 46775 GoFire GF100 Fire Starters - 100 Pack

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    Fire starters that work under the most extreme conditions - wind, rain, snow and even on water! These 100-percent waterproof fire starters light the first time, every time!

    Product Info for GoFire GF100 Fire Starters

    The GoFire GF100 Fire Starters will get you fired up in no time! GoFire's formula is proven and has been trusted and used by millions in Europe for the past decade. Now it's here in North America to light the way! These ultra-handy campfire starters are the perfect solution to getting your fire started quickly and easily with minimal effort. They're great for campfires, indoor wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves and charcoal BBQs. To use the fire starter, simply place it where you want to have your fire (with wood and kindling already in place), ignite it with a lighter or match, and watch it burst into glorious flames.

    You don't have to be a Boy/Girl Scout, Bear Grylls, an off-the grid explorer, or a nature expert to get a roaring fire going. These weatherproof fire starters make the fire starting process much easier. They work under the most extreme conditions including wind, rain and snow. Long-lasting high flame rises about 8 - 10 inches, providing an excellent base for your fire. With up to 10 minutes of burn time, there is plenty of time for the flame to catch onto the wood and kindling in your fire pit.

    Created with safety in mind, the GoFire GF100 Fire Starters are non-toxic. They're also highly eco-friendly, leaving no waste behind. Unlike dangerous petrol-based lighter fluid or other fire starters, the GoFire Fire Starters are easier to safely light, are odorless, and virtually smoke-free. They also catch fire the first time, every time. The fire kit comes with 100 fire starters and has a lengthy 30 year shelf life.

    Features of GoFire GF100 Fire Starters

    • Great for campfires, fireplace, wood stoves and charcoal BBQs
    • Works under the most extreme conditions including wind, rain and snow
    • Catches fire the first time, every time
    • Non-toxic, earth-friendly and weatherproof
    • Odorless, virtually smoke-free and leaves no waste behind
    • Safer alternative to petrol-based lighter fluids and fire starters
    • Up to 10 minute burn time
    • Long-lasting high flame of 8-10"
    • 30 year shelf life
    • Cylinder contains 100 fire starters

    Package Contents:

    • GoFire GF100 Fire Starters

    Additional Information

    Weight 2.00
    Brand GoFire Fire Starters
    Condition New
    Model Number GF-100
    Dimensions 8"x2"x12"
    UPC 850017060074
    Color Black/white