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Item No. 82084 PureFiber Mop Kit

PureFiber Mop Kit
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Item No. 82084 PureFiber Mop Kit

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  • Item No. 82084 PureFiber Mop Kit

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PureFiber mop removes over 99% of bacteria without chemicals! Effortless, economical and environmentally-friendly cleaning for floors, furniture, windows, bathroom and kitchen!

Product Info for Mop Kit

Get your home sparkly clean with this PureFiber Mop Kit! The kit comes with everything you need to clean different surfaces in your home including floors, walls, countertops, furniture, and windows. The PureFiber Mop can be used wet for dirty floors or dry to pick up dust and polish and removes over 99% of bacteria from any surface when used dry. Traps all dirt, dust, hair and more.

The mop kit includes small and large mop heads, telescopic handle, wall mount, three 16" microfiber cloths, chenille mop pad, two large and one small microfiber polishing mop pads. The chenille mop pad uses static electricity to draw, lift and trap even the tiniest particles of dirt and debris. For lint-free cleaning of surfaces, use the microfiber cloths. They absorb not only dirt and dust but oil and grime. The two mop heads have durable swivel heads that are able to pivot and turn to clean hard to reach surfaces just as easily as open floors.

The mop kit allows you to effortlessly clean while still being an economical option that is also environmentally-friendly. No need to fill up a bucket with water, it dries instantly when wet or damp. One mop for ceilings, walls and floors. No refills needed, washable/reusable mop pads, multipurpose, and no chemicals needed to clean. No pesticides or water used and also recyclable. It is also safe for use around pets and kids.

Features of Mop Kit

  • No need for a bucket of water
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria from any surface when used dry
  • Traps dust, dirt and pet hair
  • Safe for use around kids and pets
  • Washable pads are reusable
  • Effortless, economical and environmentally-friendly
  • Cleans without needing harsh chemicals
  • Great for cleaning for floors, walls, furniture, windows, bathroom and kitchen
  • No refills needed

Package Contents:

  • Mop Kit
  • Small + Large Mop Heads
  • Telescopic Handle, Wall Mount
  • 3 x 18" Microfiber Cloths, Chenille Mop Pad, 2 Large + 1 Small Microfiber Polishing Mop Pads

Additional Information

Weight 2.81
Brand PureFiber
Condition New
Dimensions 3" x 5" x 34"
UPC 860003315873
Color Green