Rebate Central
You need your original invoice in order to redeem a rebate.
To redeem your mail-in rebate:
1. Submit the following items exactly as they appear on your invoice.
2. Choose a rebate redemption method.
3. Click submit.
Item Number:
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Rebate redemption method(choose one)
Redeeming your rebate is fast and easy. In fact we have these convenient ways to meet your needs.
Instant Click and Claim™ Redemption:
With this exclusive service, you can instantly process your rebate and have the money credited to your Heartland America account or on a Heartland America Gift Card. Your rebate can then be used toward any purchase from Heartland America. That's right... no lengthy forms to fill out, no scrambling for a stamp and envelope. Just click and claim! Now that's convenient.
Receive a Heartland America credit in the amount of your rebate. The credit will post to your account within 3 business days. Customers must be registered at in order to receive online credit.
*Email address required for online credit.
Receive a Heartland America Gift Card in the amount of your rebate. You will receive the gift card within 10 business days.
Mail-in Redemption: (Forfeit instant redemption)
If the benefits of Instant Click and Claim™ are not for you, you can receive your rebate by mail. Select the mail in option below and click submit. Print the Rebate Redemption form. Then, fill out the form in its entirety and mail it along with your original invoice to the address provided. Your Rebate Redemption Form must be received by the expiration date printed on the form. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.
Print a rebate form to complete and mail in with original invoice. You will receive a rebate refund check within 8 to 10 weeks.
Mail-in Redemption: (Forfeit instant redemption). Because of the size, printing of the rebate form should be done using a computer.