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Spring-Powered Knee Supports - 2 Pack

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    Item No. 62041 Spring-Powered Knee Supports - 2 Pack

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    Set of two revolutionary knee supports with spring-powered rebound force! Helps relieve pain and lets you stand easier, walk lighter, run faster and lift heavier than ever before!

    Product Info for Spring-Powered Knee Supports

    Millions of people suffer from debilitation, strain and pain in the knees. Don't be one of them. With these Spring Knee Supports, you're giving all of the support needed to eliminate knee pain and ensure great health for your knees. The revolutionary spring-powered design eliminates rebound force during activities, which lessens the impact on your knees. Stand easier, walk lighter, run faster and lift heavier than ever before.

    Help relieve knee pain with the Spring Knee Supports. There are plenty of daily activities such as running, walking, carrying groceries and more that can cause knee pain. The hinged knee braces eliminate your knee pain and help regain knee strength with the proper support. Adjustable compression gives you a custom fit, so you can dial in the perfect amount of stability. The open design and breathable fabric keep things cool.

    Use the Spring Knee Supports for a variety of uses. Use three springs for climbing, carrying heavy loads and serious knee injuries. Use one or two springs for walking, climbing, running and cycling. No medical claims expressed or implied. Comes with a set of two knee supports, allowing you to use one on each knee for extra stability and pain relief.

    Features of Spring-Powered Knee Supports

    • Spring-powered design eliminates rebound force during activities
    • Makes standing, walking, running, and lifting easier
    • Helps eliminate knee pain and regain knee strengh
    • Adjustable velcro straps
    • Comfortable, open design
    • Breathable fabric to keep cool
    • One size fits most
    • Comes in a set of 2

    Package Contents:

    • Spring-Powered Knee Supports

    Additional Information

    Weight 1.40
    Brand North American Health + Wellness
    Condition New
    Model Number JB8431 (X2)
    Dimensions 3.35" x 11.81" x 3.94"
    UPC 850027656786
    Color Black