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Therashower Shower Aromatherapy Kit

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    Item No. 47778 Therashower Shower Aromatherapy Kit

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    Enjoy a massaging, purified shower and aromatherapy session at the same time! The perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day!

    Product Info for Shower Aromatherapy Kit

    Get the ultimate spa-like shower experience with the Therashower Shower Aromatherapy Kit! This spa shower kit comes with a chrome handheld shower massager that looks great in any bathroom. The removable shower head massages your body with eight available massage modes, helping you relax and get relief from sore muscles. It also delivers soothing, natural scents and purified water for the best shower experience, every time.

    Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa using shower aromatherapy. The included shower head evenly distributes scents from cartridges, filling your bathroom with great smells. The aromatherapy cartridges are interchangeable and include soothing lavender, invigorating citrus, and refreshing herbal green tea scents. Water passing through the shower head is also purified, giving you the ultimate cleaning experience. The natural purifying feature is great for improving your skin and hair health as it removes unwanted chemicals and impurities from your water.

    The Therashower Shower Aromatherapy Kit has a handheld shower massager that lets you easily target tired, aching muscles from head to toe. Choose from eight different shower massage modes to meet your specific needs. Reach any part of the body with ease using the extra-reach six foot hose. Comes with a showerhead mounting bracket for hands-free use and all-over massaging.

    Features of Shower Aromatherapy Kit

    • Three aromatherapy cartridges let you enjoy a soothing lavender, invigorating citrus or refreshing herbal green tea scent while you shower
    • Handheld shower massager lets you easily target tired, aching muscles from head to toe
    • Choose from eight massage modes to meet your needs
    • Water filtration cartridge removes impurities
    • Showerhead mounting bracket for hands-free use
    • Extra-reach 6' hose for ease of use
    • Fills your bathroom with pleasing, natural scents
    • Looks great with any decor
    • Easy to install

    Package Contents:

    • Shower Aromatherapy Kit
    • 3 x Aromatherapy, Water Filtration Cartridges

    Additional Information

    Weight 2.50
    Brand Therashower
    Condition New
    Model Number 12157/01428/01429
    Dimensions 2.0" x 9.00" x 5.00"
    Color Chrome