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Waistband Stretcher

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    Item No. R54130 Waistband Stretcher

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    • Item No. R54130 Waistband Stretcher

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    • Sold Out

    Easy-fit waistband stretcher expands waistband up to 5"! If you've added on some holiday weight, you're favorite pants shrunk after washing, or you have temporary weight gain, don't go out and buy new clothes.

    Gently widen your snug jeans, skirts or shorts by putting the device inside the waistband and adjusting until you find the most comfortable size. Works on pants sizes 21-50.

    This is a customer return. Customer returned items have a 7 day return policy.

    Additional Information

    Weight 0.75
    Brand Neo Products
    Condition Customer Return
    Model Number Waistband Stretcher
    Dimensions 21" X 12" X 14"
    UPC 852038008974