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Batteries, Battery Backups, and Universal Chargers

Heartland America has a wide selection of charging devices like power banks and batteries, and we promise that you won't find them at better prices anywhere else. We also guarantee your satisfaction with each overstock product we carry: We specialize in low prices, not low quality! And since our online store shares the same friendly customer service staff as our popular catalog, you'll never be left confused or frustrated. We're here to make it easy for you to get the power bank, batteries, or universal charger that you need!

How Many mAh Is Good for a Power Bank?

Many people find that a capacity of around 3,000 mAh is fine, but it's important to consider your individual power needs. Someone who wants to fully charge their laptop will need a lot more power than someone who just wants to top off their smartphone.

How Many Times Can 2,600 mAh Charge Your Phone?

How many times you can charge your phone with any power bank will depend on the capacity of your phone's battery. Most smartphone batteries range from 2,000 to 4,000 mAh, meaning that a 2,600-mAh universal battery charger could give you one full charge, a bit less than that, or a little more than that.

How Long Will a 2,600 mAh Power Bank Last?

A power bank with 2,600 mAh can provide more than 500 charge cycles, so if you use it nearly every day, your universal battery charger will last for about two years.

How Do I Know My Portable Charger Is Charging?

You'll usually see a flashing light or a solid red light on your cell phone battery backup while it's charging.

How Do You Know When a Power Bank Is Fully Charged?

Check the instructions that came with your power bank to see what your cell phone battery backup will look like when it's done charging. Often, a previously red indicator light will turn green, a blinking light will turn solid, or an indicator light that was on will now be off.

Can I Charge My Power Bank With My Phone Charger?

Yes: You can use any universal charger with a power bank to charge it. As long as you have a USB cable that fits into both the power bank and the source of power you're using to charge it, it will work. Keep in mind that a cell phone charger may not charge your power bank as quickly as your normal charger because it has a lower voltage output.

Why Is My Power Bank Not Working?

When a power bank isn't working, the most common reason is a bad connection. Always start by charging the power bank with a different cable than usual. If this works, then your cable is the problem and needs to be replaced. If the power bank still doesn't work, then your universal charger may have suffered an internal failure.

How Do I Fix My Power Bank Battery?

It will usually be must easier and safer to just buy a new power bank if yours dies. But if you're very confident about your soldering skills, you may be able to fix a power bank battery using a soldering iron, flux, a small saw, and copper wire by carefully prying or cutting open the battery compartment, unsoldering and removing the dead battery, then connecting a new battery using a little piece of wire, making sure to correctly identify and connect the positive and negative terminals.