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At Heartland America, we've been selling great items at even better prices since 1985, including a wide array of lighting fixtures and light bulbs. Our diverse and ever-changing catalog gives you plenty of options to find the perfect indoor or outdoor lighting solution for your needs, from table lamps to string lights and beyond. And our knowledgeable customer service staff is dedicated to making sure that it's as easy as possible for you to order the high-quality products you need at discount prices. Shop with Heartland America today to buy home decor lights online at the best prices with the best service!

What Are the Three Types of Lighting?

The three types of lighting are ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient lighting refers to a general lighting setup in the room that provides a comfortable overall atmosphere. Accent lighting is used to highlight certain features of a space, such as a work of art or another decoration. And task lighting is used for a specific purpose, such as helping you to read or study.

What Is the Best Lighting for Home?

There is no one best option for home lighting. Online shopping gives you access to a wide selection of options, and you're likely to want a mix of different types of lighting to make your living space as comfortable and functional as possible.

What Are the Four Types of Light Bulbs?

The four main types of light bulbs are incandescent, which emit a warm light and are relatively inexpensive; light-emitting diode (LED), which uses a bright directional light source that is also extremely energy-efficient; compact fluorescent, which can take a bit longer to reach optimum brightness but are great for large spaces; and halogen, which provide a very bright light source but have a shorter lifespan than the others. The best online lighting stores will offer a range of different types of light bulbs to suit your needs.

What Type of Bulb Is Best for Recessed Lighting?

When looking to buy lights online for recessed lighting, halogen and LED bulbs are your best options, as they both offer adequate brightness. LED bulbs tend to be more popular because they are cooler to the touch and more energy-efficient.

Are Soft White or Daylight Bulbs Better?

Both soft white and daylight bulbs are good for different uses. Soft white bulbs have a yellower tone and create a cozier atmosphere, so they're great for a family room or bedroom. Daylight bulbs, with their whiter tone, are better for places like bathrooms and kitchens, where you're more likely to be doing tasks that require you to see very clearly. You'll want to think about how you want the light to function before you buy cheap lights online.

What Is the Difference Between E14 and E27 Bulbs?

The codes E14 and E27 are used to describe the diameter of the base of a light bulb or the hole it screws into. E14 is for screw bases with a 14 mm width, and E27 refers to those with a base width of 27 mm. These codes can help you choose the exact right bulb for your lamp.

What Is the Best Desk Lamp for Studying?

This will largely come down to personal preference and the availability of space on your desk for most online lighting customers. For instance, if your desk is often cluttered, you may want to consider a multifunctional desk lamp that also doubles as a phone charging station, removing the need for two different fixtures on your desk.

Do Battery-Powered Lamps Exist?

Yes, battery-operated lamps do exist. Many online lighting customers choose to go with a battery-operated option when their home's outlet availability is scarce. If you're considering purchasing new lighting fixtures online, it may be wise to consider your potential placement of the lamp and which power source would be most convenient.

Can You Convert an Electric Lamp to Battery-Powered?

Yes, nearly every lamp can be converted to battery power, but it's not a good idea to take on this type of project with no prior experience. For most people, it's a smarter idea to buy lights online with the right type of power source rather than trying to convert an existing lamp.