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Women’s and Men’s Sunglasses

When you’re choosing a new pair of sunglasses, it’s important to choose a pair that does a good job at keeping your eyes safe from UV rays. But you’ll find that today’s sunglasses can do a lot more, too, like improve contrast, reduce glare, or shield your eyes from the harsh effects of blue light emitted from digital screens. Whether you’re just looking for a flattering pair of shades or want to try those HD sunglasses you saw on TV, you’ll find them at the best price when you shop with Heartland America. We have a constantly evolving selection of overstock sunglasses from top brands, and we guarantee the lowest brand on every pair of men’s or women’s sunglasses we sell. From retro styles to classic aviators to sunglasses that your kids or grandkids might be tempted to borrow, you can find the best products for every member of your family with us online and in our catalog. Place your order today and see how simple it can be to save on great products with Heartland America!

Are Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Really Good?

Eagle Eyes sunglasses have earned great reviews from customers! Eagle Eyes sunglasses use technology that was originally developed by NASA to protect the eyes of astronauts. The polarized lenses filter out UV rays as well as blue light, and they’re also scratch- and smudge-resistant. They’ve even been honored by the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Where Can I Buy Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Near Me?

You can find Eagle Eyes sunglasses for sale in the Heartland America catalog, either in print or online. And since we guarantee the best prices on every product we sell, you know you’ll get a great deal on these high-definition sunglasses as well as the great service our customers expect.

Do Blue-Light Glasses Help With Driving at Night?

Some drivers find blue-light glasses helpful for night driving, but they’re not recommended, as they can make driving more dangerous. If the lenses are tinted, they’ll reduce the total amount of light that enters your eye, making it harder to see. And even if you use blue-light glasses with clear lenses, they may make you drowsy behind the wheel: Blue light helps to keep us awake. So while blue-light glasses may be helpful for some drivers, they’re generally not advisable for night driving.

Do Night Driving Glasses Really Work?

While special night driving glasses can reduce glare a little bit, studies haven’t found much evidence that they make a significant difference in driving performance. If you find it difficult to drive at night, it’s a better idea to visit your eye doctor to find the real cause of the problem.

How Do You Know if Sunglasses Are Original?

It’s important to examine the label, model number, and logo on the sunglasses you’re buying and the box they came in to help you spot whether your HD sunglasses are genuine. Any inconsistencies in the labeling could be a good reason for suspicion. Thankfully, at Heartland America, we sell only genuine, name-brand products, backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of your new travel sunglasses.

What Sunglasses Were Popular in the ’80s?

In the 1980s, the most popular sunglasses were Ray-Bans and their clones, wrap-around shades, and shutter shades. A lot of these styles are back in fashion today, and we often carry the most popular ones in our catalog.

What Sunglasses Were Popular in the ’90s?

Aviators were still popular in the 1990s, but so were small, oval sunglasses and round shades. Cat-eye sunglasses were also trendy. But no matter what style you like best today, retro or modern, we can help you find it at a great price.