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Cordless Phones for Sale at Low Prices

If your old cordless phone has given up the ghost, you’ll find a great replacement in our catalog. At Heartland America, we have the best prices on reliable cordless house phones for sale, and we make it quick and easy to order online. Our customer service staff is always glad to assist you with any questions you might have, and whenever you shop with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Save big with our overstock deals and you’ll never pay more than you need to for top-quality merchandise!

What Is a Cordless Telephone System, and How Does it Work?

A cordless telephone system is a type of phone where the handset is portable: It’s not tethered to the base by a cord. Unlike traditional landline phones for sale, cordless models use radio waves to transmit sounds from the base to the receiver and vice versa.

Is a Cordless Phone Considered a Landline?

Yes: A cordless phone set must be connected to a landline to function.

Are Cordless Landline Phones Safe?

Yes. Cordless landline phones are no more dangerous than a radio.

What Is the Best Cordless Phone for Home Use?

The best cordless phone for your home will depend on your needs. While you might just want a simple base with one handset for a small apartment, you may find that a cordless phone system with multiple handsets and wider range is better for a large house. You might also want to consider a model with talking caller ID and/or one that allows you to use voice commands to make calls.

What Is the Best Cordless Phone for Seniors?

The best cordless phones for seniors are ones that have the accessibility features they need. For those with arthritis, this might mean a phone with extra-large buttons and/or voice dialing. For the hard of hearing, a phone with a loud ringer might be best. And for those with low vision, choose one with a large, clear display.

How Do You Set Up a Landline Phone That’s Cordless?

  • Plug one end of the telephone cable into the port on the phone’s base and the other end into your phone jack, just like with a traditional phone.
  • Insert the round plug at the end of your cordless phone’s DC power adapter into the appropriate port at the base of your phone and the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Let the handset charge according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Press the "talk" button and listen for the dial tone to make sure the phone works.

How Many Cordless Phones Can You Have on One Line?

If you try to use multiple different phones with their own bases, you may encounter interference between them, but you can also buy a single base with multiple handsets: Some models can accommodate up to six.

Are Corded Phones Better Than Cordless?

Corded phones do offer better sound quality than a cordless telephone can, and they work flawlessly during a power outage, since they don’t require electricity. But a cordless home phone can be a lot more convenient to use, as you can carry it with you throughout the house.

Which Cordless Phone Has the Longest Range?

Numerous manufacturers make long-range cordless phones; for instance, the VTech IS8151-5 has a range of up to 2,300 feet.

What Is the Maximum Range of a Cordless Phone?

The average cordless landline phone has a maximum range of a little more than 150 feet, but you can find models that run as high as 600, 1,000, or even more than 2,000 feet.

What Is the Loudest Cordless Phone?

While manufacturers’ claims may vary, one of the loudest cordless house phones for sale is certainly the Serene CL-65, which goes up to 55 decibels.

Why Should You Keep a Landline Phone?

According to a 2017 U.S. government survey about 44% of households still use a landline phone in their home, and there’s a good reason why: Landlines are reliable. A landline phone offers consistently good audio quality and a stable connection you can count on in an emergency, when cell phone networks can get overloaded and fail. You also don’t have to worry about spotty reception or needing to recharge the battery constantly.

Can I Get a Landline Phone Without Internet?

Yes. Some providers bundle cable, Internet, and phone service in one package, which can be cheaper if you want all three services anyway, but you should be able to request only landline phone service and nothing else.