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Men's and Women's Outwear for All Weather

Shop at Heartland America and you'll be ready for any kind of weather with our great selection of outerwear! Rain, snow, or hail, we have coats, jackets, fleeces, and hoodies to keep you warm, dry, and stylish. Our selection includes men's- and women's-size coats in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all from the best brands and at the best prices.

Functional Features and Fun Style

From pop collars to large pockets to removable linings, our outwear selection is full of options. Find flight jackets for sale that are both comfortable and trendy, or choose a soft microfiber jacket to chase away the autumn chill. Score a big discount on a fleece coat that's sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Buy a light jacket to keep you dry in the rain in a pretty color to brighten a dreary day, or choose something in camo to fade into the background on your next hunting trip. Whether you need a rugged men's ranch coat, an effortlessly cool leather jacket, or the comfiest hoodie you've ever owned, you're sure to find it at a great price with Heartland America!

What Is the Difference Between Men's and Women's Jackets?

The most significant difference between men's and women's jackets is the way they're cut: Men's jackets are cut broader across the shoulders and back and often have include longer sleeves, while women's jackets are usually fuller in the chest and cinched at the waist.

What Is the Warmest Winter Coat?

A fleece coat is a perfect option for the winter. Fleece is highly insulated, soft, and comfortable. Genuine leather can also be extremely warm, especially if it's layered with something else. Other warm options include wool and microfiber.

Are Jackets Unisex?

Many jackets are made in unisex styles and sizing. For those who don't like a form-fitting jacket, unisex options might prove more comfortable, providing a looser fit that's easy to move around in. For example, our flight jackets for sale could easily suit a man or a woman.

What Is a Ladies' Peacoat?

A peacoat is inspired by old Navy jackets and nautical style. Peacoats are typically made of wool or a wool mix to create a slim-cut and fashionable jacket that's also incredibly warm. They're available in many colors and usually have large lapels and a fitted waist.

What Is a Women's Car Coat?

A car coat is a long, slim-cut jacket that was originally designed to be worn in open-air automobiles. Today, car coats are a bit shorter than their original design, ending around mid-thigh, but they're still a great option for cold or damp weather. They offer both warmth and style.

Should You Buy a Winter Coat a Size Bigger?

It's generally a good idea to size up when you're buying a winter coat so you can layer clothing comfortably beneath it. The key to weathering winter and changing temperatures is to be prepared to add and remove layers. Roomy outwear will more easily allow you to do this.

What Is a Tactical Jacket?

A tactical jacket is inspired by military apparel. These jackets are rugged and multi-purpose. They're warm, water-resistant, and equipped with many pockets and a sturdy hood. These jackets are the perfect choice for heavy outdoor use in extreme cold or rain conditions. Hunters and hikers should strongly consider buying a tactical jacket.