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Get rid of pesky pests with our affordable pest control solutions! Whether you're looking to get rid of ants, mosquitoes, or unwelcome critters, Heartland America has the products you need to keep your home pest-free.

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Animals and insects are everywhere, but while some of them may be welcome guests in our homes, others are unwanted invaders. Whether you're looking to get rid of pesky mosquitos or humanely capture animals that are invading your garden, we have the supplies you need to live comfortably and pest-free. In our catalog and online we have a wide selection of home pest-control products that makes managing a bug problem quick and easy. Get everything you need in a single order and you'll save a bundle!

How Live Traps Work

Live traps are designed to catch animals without harming them, using a mechanism that's both simple and humane. These traps typically consist of a cage or box with a door that is held open by a trigger mechanism. Bait is placed inside the trap to lure the animal in. When the animal steps on the trigger plate inside the trap, it causes the door to close, trapping the animal inside safely. This way, the animal can be captured and then released or relocated without injury, making live traps a preferred choice for animal control and wildlife conservation efforts. The design ensures that the process is stress-free for both the animal and the person setting the trap.

Benefits of Having a Pest Repeller in Your Home

A pest repeller that emits high-frequency sound waves offers a safe, humane, and effortless way to keep your home free from pests like rodents and insects. This device works by generating sound waves that are unbearable to pests but inaudible to humans and most pets, effectively driving them away without using chemicals or traps. It's an environmentally friendly solution that minimizes health risks for your family and pets, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a pest-free home. Plus, it's low maintenance; just plug it in, and it quietly protects your living space around the clock, offering peace of mind with minimal effort.