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Save Big on Cameras and Optics Technology

Heartland America can help you save money on digital cameras, 35 mm film cameras, and digital camcorders to capture all of life's precious memories as they happen. Our catalog also has a wide variety of camera accessories for all of your digital and film photography needs. Our diverse stock also includes infrared night vision scopes, digital picture frames, telescopes for terrestrial and astronomical viewing, plus spotting scopes and binoculars for scanning city skylines, bird-watching, sporting events, hunting, and boating. With Heartland America, you'll always get the lowest prices on name-brand cameras and optical equipment, so capturing priceless moments won't break the bank.

What Are the Three Basic Types of Digital Cameras?

There are many different types of digital cameras, but the three main categories are compact cameras, super-zoom cameras, and adventure cameras. Compact cameras are focused on portability and popular with travelers who want to take casual photos. Super-zoom cameras produce professional results and have interchangeable lenses. Adventure cameras are for daring travelers who need a camera that's waterproof, durable, and can be attached to other gear.

How Does a Camera Work With Optics?

For beginners to photography, it can be difficult to understand the relationship between cameras and optics. The optical piece of a camera is a lens, which is also what we're referring to in our product selection when we say "cameras and optics." Different lenses will achieve different results in photographs, and photographers have different lens preferences. You'll find a variety of cameras and optical equipment in our stock to suit amateurs and seasoned photographers alike.

What Are the Types of Lenses in Cameras?

Apart from a basic lens, some other types available to photographers are macro lenses, telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, and specialty lenses. The cameras in our shop all have different types of lenses, as you'll see in the product specifications. There are a huge number of different lenses in the world, and all of them serve different purposes. For example, a nature photographer might want a telephoto lens to bring far-away details into focus, while a vehicle backup camera will usually use a wide-angle lens to help you see a broader area that's close to you.

What Are Cameras Used For?

Cameras are used to capture photographs and videos, which can have many purposes. For many people, cameras are used to record special moments for posterity. Photographers might use cameras to create visual art. Cameras can also be used to increase safety; devices like security cameras protect property, while a vehicle backup camera helps drivers navigate safely.