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Televisions, DVD and TV Accessories

When you're in the market to buy a TV or improve your entertainment options, you have plenty of choices, from large flat-screen TVs to portable televisions you can take anywhere. But no matter which type of TV or what sort of accessories you're looking for, your best choice is to shop with Heartland America and take advantage of our overstock deals. We guarantee the best prices on a wide range of high-quality audiovisual equipment, and our friendly customer service staff can help you to purchase a portable TV for the car that's just what you're looking for.

Buy a New TV and Save Big

Television sets come in many different types these days, but it doesn't have to be confusing to buy a TV. All of these options generally break down into a few key decisions:

  • How big of a TV do you want? You can choose a portable wireless TV that's small enough to carry around the house, a big-screen TV for the living room, or anything in between.
  • What type of screen do you prefer? LED screens will have a sharper picture than LCDs, but they also cost more.
  • What resolution do you want? A lot of TVs on the market these days are high-definition (HD): You'll see "1080p" listed as the standard resolution for these. But more and more sets are being made in 4K, or "Ultra HD." You can also buy an 8K TV, but they're just starting to hit the market, so they're quite pricey.
  • What other capabilities do you want? You'll find that televisions have gone far beyond rabbit ears and coaxial cables. You can buy so-called smart TVs that can connect to the Internet and include apps for your favorite streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu. You can also get a TV that offers voice control, so you don't even have to pick up the remote to change the channel.

Once you've thought over what kind of regular or handheld TV you'd like, browse our selection of discount televisions and order online to have your new TV shipped straight to your door.

High-Quality, Low-Priced DVD Players and Accessories

We can also help you get the most out of your new DVD player or home theater accessories, streaming devices, and more! Buy a new indoor TV antenna to make sure the big game comes in clearly, or pick up a new DVD player and watch your favorite movies again and again. You can even buy a projector for a true home theater experience! Or you can cut expenses by cutting the cord: Streaming devices allow you to drop your cable service and still be able to watch your favorite shows. Pick up an HD indoor TV antenna while you're at it and it will soon pay for itself in lower cable bills!

Whether you're putting together a home theater or looking to buy a portable TV for the car to keep the kids or grandkids busy on road trips, you'll get the best price when you shop with Heartland America. Place your order today!

Hanging Up a TV

Hanging a TV requires choosing the right wall mount that supports the TV's weight and size, and securing it to wall studs for stability. Use a stud finder to locate studs and ensure the mount is level before drilling. When attaching the TV to the mount, it's advisable to have assistance, especially for larger models. Manage cables effectively to maintain a clean look and position the TV at eye level to reduce neck strain and improve viewing comfort. Following these steps ensures a safe and optimal TV installation.