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4/22/2014 8:16:00 PM
Let's Go Green: Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day everyone! What are you doing this year to "go green"? Here are some of the latest environmentally efficient products from the Heartland.

20 Watt Solar Panel

Coach Style Solar Lights

Wind/Solar Charger

Solar Battery Case

Wind Turbine

4/16/2014 7:44:00 PM
Spring Clearance!
Although it doesn't feel much like spring around here, it is time for Heartland's spring catalog to mail out and that means new clearance products! Check out some of the best deals here:

Warm Light Bulbs 
Was $89.99/ Now $59.99*

Ab Transformer
Was $99.99/ Now $94.99

Fujji Digital Camera
Was $99.99/ Now $66.66

George Foreman Grill
Was $99.99/ Now $33.32

Steinhausen Black Watch
Was $99.99/ Now $69.99

7 inch Android Tablet
Was $99.99/ Now $79.99*

4/3/2014 6:46:00 PM
Lawn and Garden
Although were about to get hit with some more snow here in Minnesota, spring is here and before we know it it'll be time to take care of the yard and make everything beautiful again. Every year I get so many ideas about what to do with my garden and bushes and how to make my grass greener, this year I'm making a pact to myself to actually get some things done outside.

I know I want greener grass. With all the snow we've gotten this winter, it's hard to believe I'll even see my grass again, let alone make it green. But I'm hoping this Canada Grass Seed is the key. It starts growing in just five days and stays green all year long in virtually any climate - from 40 below zero to high summer heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So as soon as the snow is gone, I'm laying my new grass seed.

Then the goal is to water the grass as much as possible. Last year I just let the rain do its thing and it wasn't nearly enough. I'm hoping this Flexible Hose will make things more simple. It's too difficult to get the big hose I have now all around my yard. This one is nice because when you're done, simply turn off the water and it contracts to its original space-saving size.

Now that I have a plan for the lawn I need a plan for the bushes and weeds. I'm thinking this Tornado Trimmer is the perfect item to get rid of all the unnecessary rubbish. Since it's battery charged and comes with a charger I don't have to hassle with all the gas or electric cords like my other trimmer. 

Onto the Garden, I've dreamed about beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables all winter. Having your own garden is just the way to go. The weeds last year were ridiculous, so this year I'm investing in a good tiller. I like this tiller because it lets you quickly prepare to plant or landscape by churning up the ground with amazing speed and efficiency - without back-breaking hand tools!

Now if only we can get the snow to stay away we can get started! Get all your lawn and garden products at heartlandamerica.com.  


3/28/2014 8:21:00 PM
Our Warehouse is CLOSING!
April Fools!

Of course we're not closing!  But we do have some of the lowest prices of the year due to our warehouse cleanup. The blog customer always get first sight of all the latest savings... check them out below.
Canada Green Grass Seed 6lbs. for $29.99
MSR: $39.95


Portable Ice Maker $149.99*
Compare at: $494.49

Solar Garden Balls $19.99
WAS: $29.99

Ronco Pocket Fisherman $19.99
MSR: 29.95

Electric Tiller $99.99*
Compared at: $199.99

Drain FX $19.99

5 Piece Vegetable and Fruit Prep Set $29.99
MSR: $49.99

3/21/2014 5:54:00 PM
Spring Into Savings
All new low prices at the Heartland this week. Check out some the latest top clearance items...

Duaflame Heater 
Was $129.99, now $119.99

Memorex Boombox 
Was $39.99, Now $33.99

Mossy Oak Air Rifle
Was $133.33, Now $119.99

Steinhausen Watch
Was $99.99, Now $71.99*

7-Inch Android Tablet
Was $99.99, Now $79.99

Rocky Boots 
Was $99.99, Now $89.99

3/14/2014 7:55:00 PM
Spring Time
Spring is right around the corner and it's finally starting to feel like it. It's that time of year when you can finally put away your big heavy parka jacket and bust out the spring coats. When the temps his 40-50-60 degrees its the perfect time to invest in a new light jacket.

This light-weight Fleece Jacket is perfect for spring. It has a clever reversible design featuring water-resistant polyester on one side and toasty polar fleece on the other. Also features a removable hood, full length zipper, adjustable pull-string waist, two front hand pockets & elastic cuffs.


And this Rocky Fleece Jacket is just as nice.  It features Rocky's SilentHunter microsuede fleece-like fabric design to keep you warm without restricting movement or weighing you down.

This Dickies Light-weight puffer jacket for women is not only practical but it's cute!
It's designed to keep you warm and dry while providing freedom of movement and a flattering fit. It features a nylon-channel quilted design that resists wind and water, a full zip front plus adjustable drawcord at the hem and adjustable sleeve tabs for a custom fit.


You can't go wrong with a jean jacket in the spring. Get it as filthy as you want, then simply pop it in the washer and it comes out as good as new. Also has full button front closure, two breast pockets with button closure, two slant pockets and one inside pocket.


Now that the temps are dropping, you'll be sure to hop on your motorcycle for a quick ride. Protect yourself with this Hi-Viz Jacket. On one side, it has a 100% ANSI lightweight coated flourescent Lime polyester shell with 2" silver reflective tape so you can be seen from a distance on the darkest nights.

3/11/2014 8:18:00 PM
My favorite thing to shop for is electronics, especially radios and CD players! Most the time when I look for them they're really expensive, so it's nice to find a good quality radio for a decent price. I like to find a quality system that has CD, radio and iPod options on it.

Heartland America has this awesome Tech Ultra Hi-Fi Stereo System, it really has it all! It works with my iPod/iPhone* has a CD player and a stereo tuner with 20 station presets. Plus a 10W subwoofer, perfect for hosting parties. Only $77 for non-members.

I'm always looking for a more portable radio to bring with camping or move out on my deck in the summer. This Memorex Boombox is perfect. I can easily listen to the AM/FM tuner, pop in my favorite CD or listen to my MP3 music via the AUX jack. 

And who doesn't like a classic looking radio? This Technical Pro Radio has an old fashioned look with new age technology. This boom box features a lightweight, compact design that's ideal for life on the go. It plays all of your music from USB sticks and SD cards and it has an AUX jack for use with your MP3 player or cell phone.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars at your local electronics retailer, check out all the radios and much more at heartlandamerica.com.