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Buy a Home Weather Station at the Lowest Price

You'll always know what the weather's like inside and outside of your home with a high-quality home weather station, and with Heartland America, you can get one at an unbeatable price. We guarantee the best deals on all of our products, and we also guarantee your satisfaction, so you can shop our catalog with confidence. Choose a digital weather station that lets you monitor the conditions all around your home, or opt for an outdoor weather station with a rain gauge: Either way, you'll never have to stop halfway out the door and go back inside for a jacket.

What Is the Best Weather Station for Home Use?

The best home weather station will vary depending on your needs: For some, a good weather station to buy will be one that can take readings of the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in multiple spots inside and outside of the home, while others might prefer an elegant yard fixture that just measures the temperature and rainfall.

What Is the Most Accurate Weather Station?

Generally speaking, the more information that a weather station can provide, the more accurate it is, so if you're looking for the most accurate model, you'll want one that has more detailed breakdowns of data such as the temperature, wind speed, and rainfall.

How Do Weather Stations Measure Rainfall?

Weather stations use a rain gauge to measure rainfall. Rain gauges are graduated cylinders with a circular funnel on top that feeds the rain into them. On an outdoor weather station with a rain gauge, the funnel has a diameter of 203 mm.

What Is the Best Digital Rain Gauge?

Choosing the best digital rain gauge is determined by a few factors. First, you'll want to consider its size. Generally, the larger it is, the more accurate the reading will be. After that, you'll also want to take into account its capacity, the information it provides on the display, and its ease of installation.

Where Is a Good Place to Put a Rain Gauge?

You'll want to keep your weather station with a rain gauge away from any possible obstructions, such as buildings or trees. The best place for it is a wide open space so that no rain is blocked and you can get an accurate reading.

Where Can I Site a Weather Station?

Place your home weather station with a rain gauge four to six feet off of the ground in a wide open area to avoid objects such as trees or houses that could obscuring the sensors. You should also make sure that the rain gauge is level and away from any flat surfaces that may cause splashing.