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    These online specials change weekly, with new featured themes to check out each time. Check out our website’s home page banner to see what the theme of the week is and what you can save big on today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of products are available for web exclusives?

    Our web exclusives include a variety of online products with a theme focus for each week. Theme examples include footwear, tools, emergency equipment, gifts, clothing, and more!

    How can I be notified of new web-exclusive offers?

    You can opt in to join Heartland America’s email list to receive web exclusive offers here. These theme-focused online specials are also featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

    How can I save even MORE money on these online specials?

    There are several ways to save even more on these amazing products. Subscribe to our email list to get online coupons made just for you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for promo codes and giveaways that are only available on social media. Join our Value Club to get extra discounts on top of discounts and special perks like free shipping.