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As Seen on TV Favorites As Seen on TV Favorites

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Shop a variety of popular “As Seen On TV” products right here at Heartland America!

  • What are 'As Seen On TV' products?

    As the name suggests, “As Seen On TV” products have been featured on TV. For a product to be classified as a successful “As Seen On TV” item (or ASOTV), these criteria should be met: it should be demonstrable, unique and practical, easily explained, explain a problem/solution/benefit, have mass appeal, and have an attractive price. These criteria plus the established trust factor in these products make ASOTV items ideal and handy to have around.

    What type of 'As Seen On TV' items are at Heartland America?

    Heartland America has the best prices on popular ASOTV products. Here you can find great deals on a Blue Diamond Grill Pan, Bell and Howell TriBurst, Alien Shield, CopperX Pillow, Fuller Brush Full Crystal Kit, Wonder Washer, and more!