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5 Handy Emergency Essentials for Severe Weather Prep

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Be ready when a tornado, hurricane, flood, or storm strikes. Prepare for severe weather before it happens with these 5 essential items!

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by Jessie Breheim • July 29, 2022

Severe weather strikes! Does you and your family have the items you need to get through it? It's a question that everyone should be asking, especially with the current harsh weather trends going on today. Some common severe weather conditions include storms, tornadoes, wild fires, hurricanes, land slides, and more.  They can cause damage from destruction of your property and even casualties, which makes emergency prep something that should be high on your priority list. So before severe weather hits, be sure to have the right items accessible in your home.

Emergency kit items spread out on table

Shop for these five common types of emergency prep items today and be glad you did when disaster strikes!

1. Power Sources


Emergency power generators can keep your essential electronics and appliances up and running. For emergency situations, find a gas generator that is between 1,000W and 5,000W to power your survival appliances. For powering small stoves, grills, and other small appliances, buy a 1000W gas generator. Opt for a 4000W portable tri-fuel generator to keep your RV, household appliances, and power tools running.

Power Banks

Shop for a power bank that can last for hours so that you can charge electronic devices in the event of a power outage. The GlareWheel 500W Power Station is a great option for powering your household items if the power goes out. Just be sure your power bank or power station is fully charged so it is ready for use when you need it the most.


/f Stock up on AA batteries and AAA batteries for emergency items that run on batteries. 

2. Radios

12-Band Radio

If cell service and internet become unavailable due to severe weather, be sure to have a portable radio on standby. This allows you to still receive critical weather alerts and let you know when it's safe to go outside again or if you need to stay in a sheltered area. It can also be a great form of entertainment listening to radio stations while you wait out the bad weather. A great option is a emergency radio which has a tuner, AM/FM, and a built-in carrying handle. Once purchased, be sure to have at least four "AA" batteries to get it running. 

CB Radio

According to CB World, "Radios are utilized during disasters and emergencies and can save lives. Police, emergency responders, volunteer responders, and many more use CBs to communicate when infrastructure is damaged or nonexistent." They're great to have on hand to be in communication with people who can help save your life.

2-Way Radio

Use 2-way radios (also known as "walkie talkies") to communicate with others when there may not be cell service available, or if you want to save your phone battery.

3. Lighting

Solar Lights

Solar lights that don't require electricity for use can be ultra handy to have when the power goes out. Have a few readily available for if the electricity goes out for longer periods of time. They also save on your electric bill for everyday use!

Flash Lights

Stock up on flashlights that use batteries to ensure you have optimal lighting in your home when there isn't access to electricity. At minimum, it's good to have a flashlight for each person that resides in your household. Also be sure to stock up on batteries to keep your flashlights flashin'.

4. Food Preservation


When your fridge goes out from a power outage, the food in your fridge can go bad. Get a good quality cooler to keep food cold for longer periods of time. Water bottles are also great to have for emergencies in case a water line breaks and you do not have access to fresh water for a period of time. 

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealer some of your food for storage that you can use in the event of an emergency. You can vacuum seal dehydrated fruit, mushrooms, broccoli, and more to keep your food fresh for longer. It's easy to do and ultra-handy to have when you need access to food the most. 

5. Clean Up Supplies

Chain Saws and Wet Vacs

After a heavy storm or natural disaster, you may need to clear dense branches from your driveway or yard. Be sure to have a chainsaw available to cut down wood into more manageable sizes and clean up your yard. And for any flooding, use a wet vacuum to suck up water before it causes long-term damage to your home.

Gloves, Face Masks, and Eye Protection

If the air quality is low after a natural disaster or you are in the midst of a wild fire, it's good to have a lot of face masks available. They are also great for using while cutting up wood to protect you from inhaling saw dust or other particles from clean up. Also be sure to get some good quality gloves to protect your hands while cleaning up debris. And while using power tools during clean up, it's safest to wear safety glasses for eye protection. 

Ready to Weather the Storm

Stocking up on power sources, radios, ample lighting, food and water, and clean up supplies ahead of time has big benefits that can be a real life saver. While we cannot control the weather, we can control how ready we are for it when severe weather comes our way. Whether it's hurricanes, storms, or tornadoes, some basic essentials you can easily prep for these events simply by purchasing essential items. With these five ultra-handy emergency preparation items, you can have confidence knowing you will be ready when disaster strikes!

Hurricane aerial view

Start your own emergency prep now.

Purchase these items together as a starter emergency prep kit, all for under $330!

ROCKSOLAR Weekender 80W Portable Power Station

Vivitar AA Alkaline Batteries - 100 Pack

MiLink Two-Way Radios - Pair

Q-Beam Blue Max Midnight LED Flashlight

Voyager Emergency Radio

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You'll be glad you've purchased these items ahead of time when severe weather hits! 

Driving into severe weather
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