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  • The Best Heating and Cooling Fan Options at the Best Prices

    Heating and cooling systems can help you and your family maintain a comfortable temperature no matter what the season, but the price of your new heater or fan shouldn’t make you sweat. From personal fans to infrared heaters, Heartland America has HVAC devices for every need from top manufacturers. Place your order today to get the lowest prices on high-quality products, guaranteed!

    Choosing the Right Personal Fan

    There are several types of personal cooling fan that can get the job done, from miniature fans that fit in your hand to large models that can cool a whole room. Typical models include:

    • Tower fans
    • Hand fans
    • Desk fans
    • Wall-mounted fans
    • Industrial fans

    The right personal fan for you depends on what you need it for. If you need to cool a large space, a wall-mounted fan or tower fan is the way to go. If you need portable options, personal bladeless fans can create amazing relief on hot days.

    Which Type of Heater Is Cheapest to Run?

    The most efficient types of heaters to run are infrared heaters, oil-filled heaters, storage heaters, ceramic heaters, and small space heaters. Many people think space heaters are too expensive to run, but a small office heater can actually be a really efficient tool to heat a small space.

    What Are the Best Portable Heaters to Buy?

    This depends on your needs, but in general, an infrared heater will be one of the best portable heaters to buy. Electric and oil-based options are also quite efficient and affordable. If you’re in the market for a space heater, you can even choose a beautiful model that resembles a fireplace.

    Which Room Heater Is Best?

    The best space heater and cooler is largely a matter of opinion, depending on what you’re looking for in a heater, but infrared heaters are widely considered to be among the best options. They’re highly effective, and they don’t cost much to run.

    Which Portable Heater Is Most Efficient?

    Many types of space heaters have a great cost-to-warmth ratio and are well worth the price. The most efficient space heaters will have a thermostat built in to control the temperature and will not run too often or too hot. Tower heaters are particularly efficient choices for larger spaces, and some have the added bonus of including cooling capabilities, too. If you live in a climate with extreme high and low temperatures, a tower heating and cooling fan is a great choice.

    Infrared Heating FAQs

    What Is an Infrared Heater?

    An infrared heater creates a hot surface that emits infrared radiation into the room. These light waves strike surfaces in the room and make them warm, much like sunlight streaming through a window. The atmosphere created by infrared heaters is more comfortable and contains less dust and allergens than air that is pushed through a forced air heater.

    Do Infrared Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

    No, they do not! Infrared heaters are extremely energy-efficient. Once the heater warms the room’s floor, walls, and fixtures, they retain and radiate heat, keeping the space comfortable for longer than a less effective model that doesn’t use infrared.

    Are Infrared Heaters Worth the Money?

    If you want a warm and comfortable room and live in a cold climate, infrared heaters are absolutely worth the money. They are far more energy-efficient than their counterparts, have almost no heat transfer loss, and are safer than many other types of space heaters.

    Do Infrared Heaters Cost a Lot to Run?

    No: Infrared heaters don’t use a lot of electricity to run, so they aren’t expensive to use. In fact, they generally cost much less to run than other types of heating systems.

    Is it Safe to Leave an Infrared Heater on All the Time?

    Yes; most common infrared space heaters are safe to leave on for hours at a time. There is no need to worry about leaving it on overnight.