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10 Great Gifts for Men Under $50

Not sure what to get him? Discover the best gifts for men under $50 that are sure to impress!

Celebrating the Holidays

by Jessie Breheim • November 04, 2022

gift giving

Holidays are approaching and you’re tasked with finding a gift he’ll love. And let’s face it, guys can be difficult to shop for. So to help narrow down the search and save you shopping time, check out these ten different types of great gifts for guys in 2023! They're all affordable gifts at under $50 and include a variety of options based on his personal interests and needs. 

Grandparent receiving a gift

1. Sound Bars

If he's a music lover or enjoys quality sound while watching TV, sound bars are a great choice for a gift this holiday season. Many also have Bluetooth mode and can connect to other Bluetooth speakers too, creating a DIY surround sound system. And for the guy who loves the more retro look (while still having modern technology), look for a high-quality boombox with Bluetooth that he can enjoy anywhere.

sound bar
Kodak 37" Bluetooth Sound Bar $49.99

2. Watches 

Is it time for a new watch? While a good wrist watch might not make him more on time, it can enhance any outfit and pull together his style! Pro tip: getting a watch with neutral colors will go with most outfits and is a safer bet to give as a gift. 

affordable men's watch
On-Time Talking Atomic Watch $39.99

3. Clothes 

Find a style that is versatile to be sure he’ll love it. It’s typically a good idea to stick to functional wear for clothing and neutral or muted colors, unless you know he's a big fan of a particular color or style. Also be sure you know his clothing size before purchasing so they're ready to wear! If you aren't sure what size he is and want to try guessing his clothing size, check out this article on how to guess his clothing size. Another option is to physically check the clothing tags to find the right size (be sure to check out a couple in case fit varies...and don't get caught!).  

Victory Sportswear Men's Henleys - 3 Pack $19.97

4. Health and Personal Grooming Products

Has he been under a lot of stress lately or have chronic muscle pain? Get him a percussion massager or wand massager to relax and soothe sore muscles! And since men like to look good too (or at least more than they lead you to believe), you could gift him a good quality shaver he can use daily. It’s one of those things he may not shop around for much but could use an upgrade. Plus, it's a good idea to update shavers from time to time to get the cleanest shave possible!

Mega Bliss Wand Rechargeable Massager $39.99
grooming kit
Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit $39.99

5. Food 

Food and drink items are perfect for foodies and for guys that already seem to have it all! Even if they already have it, it can still be used.

Charcuterie pack
Deli Direct Holiday Charcuterie Meat and Cheese Pack $39.99

6. Toys for All Ages

Bring out his inner child with a new RC toy! It may be something he might not typically buy for himself, but it can offer some great off-screen entertainment. Pro tip: get him an RC car or truck and show him how it can bring you things. This way he can deliver an item you want from another room and he can have a blast while helping you out.

VistaTech Quadcopter Drone with Camera
VistaTech Quadcopter Drone with Camera $39.99
rc truck
CIS Green 4WD Rock Climber RC with Camera $39.99

7. Outdoor Gear & Accessories

For the outdoor enthusiast, get him something that’ll make his next outdoor adventure even better! Walkie talkies are a great option for hunting, camping, and hiking. They're also great to have if there is an emergency power outage or he's anywhere cell phone signal is not available. 

MiLink Two-Way Radios - Pair $34.99

8. Pet Supplies 

No, he won’t enjoy eating dog treats or eating from an ergonomic standing dog bowl (unless he does, we don't judge). But his dog will! So give him the gift of giving, by giving him something for his beloved pet! Pro tip: if he has a dog that jumps on visitors or barks excessively, an anti-bark trainer is a very humane way to deter the unwanted behavior. It'll not only help ease his pup's anxiety, but it also helps out the humans!

anti bark trainer
Bell and Howell Paw Perfect Anti-Bark Trainer | As Seen On TV $29.99

9. Vehicle Accessories

For both the daily commuter to the car enthusiast, auto accessories can enhance his driving experience and help maintain his vehicle's condition. Some seat cushions can add comfort for longer drives (and can also be used in the home or office). 

Egg Sitter Seat Cushion $34.99

10. Power Tools

For the avid DIY'er, power tools make for a great gift! Even if they already have the tool, it can be handy to have multiples on-hand. 

Dual-Sided Universal Wrench - 2 Pack $29.99

Gifts He'll Love at Prices YOU Love

Elderly man receiving a gift

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, ‘just because’, or a special occasion, getting the man in your life a gift he loves doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Simply pick something from this list that best suits his personality/needs and you’re set! And if you’re still undecided about what gift to get him, check out the rest of our site for more great gift ideas. There’s always a fresh variety of cool products that make for awesome gifts. Plus, the vast variety of options can help you find the perfect one, meant just for him!

Happy Holidays & Gift Giving Season!

Heartland America Team

Holiday gifts 2023

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