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Heartland America Blog

Snow/Sun Joe + Heartland America

The Perfect Partnership for Heartland America

HLA is proudly partnering with Snow/Sun Joe! Be on the lookout for our exciting new product offerings and Heartland America exclusives this summer.

Heartland America News

by Jessie Breheim • June 29, 2022

Big News! 

Heartland America will be partnering with Snow Joe to carry some incredible outdoor products that are exclusively sold at Heartland America. Our CEO Kendra Reichenau and Director of Merchandising, Eric Sheldon, recently went to visit our Snow Joe/Sun Joe partners in Hoboken, NJ. They got to meet the Snow Joe team, check out some products and discuss the exciting partnership between the two businesses. The Heartland America team is thrilled to be able to work with Snow Joe to provide their high-quality outdoor products at low prices for customers both online at and in the Heartland America catalog. 

Heartland America will have Sun Joe products available in the warmer weather months including products such as power washers, tillers, string trimmers, lawn mowers, and more. In the cooler months, customers can expect to see more Snow Joe products such as snow blowers. Season-long items will include auto care products such as shop vacs. Whatever the time of year, there will be plenty of great Sun Joe or Snow Joe products to choose from! 

Sun Joe and Heartland America brand logos

About Snow Joe and Sun Joe

“Snow Joe and its complementary garden and outdoor brand Sun Joe planted its roots as a digitally native, direct-to-consumer company that designs, develops and distributes high-quality, yet affordable, lawn and garden tools. Intuitively merging advanced eCommerce technology on the back-end with innovative tools on the front-end, the “Joe” family of brands has disrupted the lawn and garden landscape by its swift ability to get its tools into the hands of its customers fast when they need them most, especially during weather emergencies. 

Originally founded in 2004 with the mission to bring homeowners smart winter solutions, the company has grown to become not only the market share leader in electric and cordless snow blowers but also the leader in the electric pressure washer category. Over the years, Snow Joe has evolved into a robust, omnichannel, customer-centric business that now offers a wide range of problem-solving tools to keep your home, yard and garden looking beautiful throughout the year. From battery-powered snow blowers and snow throwers, lighted snow brooms and roof rakes, to electric mowers and leaf blowers, pressure washers, watering equipment, tillers, trimmers, hedgers and edgers – there’s a solution for every season.” (, 2022).

HLA Exclusives

Heartland America is proud to carry Sun Joe products that won’t be sold anywhere else, and all are available at great prices. Heartland America-exclusive products have been inspected thoroughly and are proven to work well. They are made of high-quality materials that are built to last and include special features that most products of that type do not have, making them ultra user-friendly. These special Heartland-exclusive products include:

Sun Joe 24V String Trimmer

Sun Joe 24V String Trimmer

Sun Joe 24V Tiller

Sun Joe 24V Tiller

Sun Joe SPX205E Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX205E Pressure Washer

Some of these products will also be featured on our Heartland America YouTube channel with our DIY Dad series. The videos include product demonstrations with expert tips on how to use some of the Sun Joe products. This helps increase consumer knowledge on the products so they can make more informed buying decisions. It also teaches customers how to safely use the products at home or for their business. 

Sun Joe Renewed

Heartland America proudly sells several renewed Sun Joe products. These products have been fully restored so they are fully functional and cost less money than brand new products, which is highly beneficial to consumers during tough economic times nation-wide. Plus, buying renewed products is better for the environment. Products that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill are being restored and are able to be used again. This also helps minimize the amount of new products that are created, which greatly impacts the environment in a positive way. 

Discover More

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- Find out more about Snow Joe and Sun Joe

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