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  • Shop the Best Overstock and Clearance Sales Online

    Explore Heartland America's clearance items to save big on a variety of high-quality products! You'll find electronics, home décor, lawn goods, shoes, bags, and more among our online clearance options. Discount online shopping is easy with Heartland America, and it's easy on your wallet, too. Check our sales often; we frequently add new products available as discount items.

    Take advantage of our clearance sales to find the perfect gift for less, buy the seasonal item you've had your eye on at a discount, or discover something special that you never knew you needed!

    What Are Clearance Items?

    A clearance item is available at a discount because the retailer wants to remove as much of the product from their stock as possible. We often run clearance sales on seasonal items, products that won't be as sought-after in the coming season, because we need to make room for new products that are in demand. The end of the season is a great time to buy items like winter boots, lawn furniture, and snowblowers for far less than their in-season prices.

    Is a Sale the Same as a Clearance?

    A sale is run for a limited time in order to promote a retailer or a new or popular product; when the sale is over, the price goes back up. Clearances go on indefinitely until the product is out of stock; once the price is reduced, it won't go back up.

    Where Can I Buy Clearance Items Online?

    At Heartland America, you'll find the best clearance deals online. We constantly have clearance shopping available as well as significant deals and discounts throughout the rest of our stock. In addition to great prices, our items are high-quality and hand-picked from among our customers' favorite brands and products.

    Where Can I Buy Closeout Merchandise?

    Closeout merchandise is the same as clearance items, which you can find right here at Heartland America. We make it easy to find the lowest prices on brand-name goods: You can shop our clearance sales online or in our printed catalog, and either way, you'll get the same great deals and great service. Shop the best clearance sales with us today and you'll save a bundle!