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Advanced Metal Detector

- Model #: GC1019
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Advanced Metal Detector  Model# GC1019 Advanced Metal Detector  Model# GC1019Advanced Metal Detector  Model# GC1019Advanced Metal Detector  Model# GC1019
Advanced Metal DetectorAdvanced Metal DetectorAdvanced Metal Detector
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One of the world's first programmable metal detectors - if it can't find treasure, it's simply not there!
This Gold Digger GC-1019 has the deepest coin detection and is one of the most powerful detectors we sell. You'll find long lost treasure, a cache of old coins, gold jewelry and more! It's fully programmable and features 12 sensitivity degrees, eight metal target categories plus motion and non-motion modes to make treasure hunting more rewarding - and fun! Also has notch mode that ignores certain types of metal so you don't waste time digging up garbage, 8-1/2" waterproof coil that's ideal for use at the beach, three-tone indicator that distinguishes treasure from trash, pin-point locator that shows the exact location of your find, detailed LCD display and signal strength indicator. Detects a quarter up to 10" deep and large objects up to 4' deep. Requires 2 '9V' batteries. 45"L.
10/31/2010 - A C - gustine, CA

5/30/2010 - EHW - Ashland, ME
My best one. Much better than my GC-1020. Detecting is very superior to the 1020. I give it one less star because of problems with the forearm rest working loose. I lost it a few times and I finally had to put a bolt through horizontally. (right above the set knob)

3/30/2010 - BA - winsted, CT
Found extra cash finding gold at the beach ...bracelets necklaces etc....also coins

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