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Home Stereo Speakers and Headphones

Whether you're looking to amp up your home theater with some wireless speakers for your TV or just in the market for some Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, we have plenty of audio equipment and accessories at discount prices at Heartland America! We carry name-brand overstocks and liquidation deals and pass the savings on to you, so you'll find the best prices here, guaranteed. When you shop with us, you'll see how simple it can be to save big on everything you need for yourself and your home. And, with our satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident that we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy with your order.

How Do I Add More Speakers to My Home Stereo?

Most portable party speakers are fairly easy to hook up. That's especially true of wireless options like a portable Bluetooth party speaker, which you'll just need to pair with your stereo, following the manufacturer's instructions. Wired speakers require a bit more hands-on effort, but some people are more familiar with audio cables and speaker wire than Bluetooth; consider what you're more comfortable with when making your purchase.

What Is the Loudest Wireless Speaker?

If you're looking to add the loudest speaker possible to your stereo system, the two indicators you'll want to pay attention to are wattage and speaker sensitivity. Wattage measures how much power is put out by the speaker's amplifier in direct relation to volume, whereas speaker sensitivity is a measure of how well the speaker converts that power into sound.

What Are the Best Home Stereo Speakers?

When it comes to any kind of sound system, "best" is largely a matter of personal preference. One person may swear that the wireless speakers for their TV are the best option available, and another may prefer to use Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. Ask yourself what's the best option for what you want. Are you trying to create a home theater surround sound system or the best speaker setup for your vinyl collection? Do you want wall-shaking volume capability, or do you want to be able to listen to music or the TV without bothering others? Everyone's needs are different.

What Are Good Stereo Speakers for a TV?

A good stereo speaker is whatever best suits your personal needs. To some, a pair of wireless headphones for their TV may be as good as they need, but for others, only high-end speakers placed all around the room will do. Are you looking for a bass-heavy stereo system? Do you want to add surround sound to your home theater? Answering questions like these is an important step in finding what will be a good stereo speaker for you.

Which Is the Best Trolley Speaker?

Whether you're a DJ heading to a gig or your friend just needs some more sound for their party, trolley speakers provide a great listening experience in an easy-to-transport design, but you may need to pick a priority when choosing the best trolley speaker for your needs: Should you shop based on portability or sound quality? You may need to compromise on one to be satisfied with the other.