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Coleman Multi-Purpase Roll Floor

- Model #: 77753
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Coleman Multi-Purpase Roll Floor  Model# 77753 Coleman Multi-Purpase Roll Floor  Model# 77753
Coleman Multi-Purpase Roll Floor
Coleman Multi-Purpase Roll Floor Item No. WW22-M4331 Overall Customer Rating: (0 reviews) Shipping $34.50$29.95 Read reviews or write a review
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Coleman's Multipurpose Roll Floor has a signature tread plate pattern that gives your floor a sleek look which can be cut to fit your exact garage dimensions.
There's no need for messy epoxies that flake or peel over time, the wide roll is installed by simply rolling it out and allowing it to conform to you floor. Cracks, pits, and stains are easily covered without the use of adhesives or glues to keep it in place. Great for garage floors, commercial floors, warehouse floors, ATV's, car and truck mat's, dog kennel liners, truck beds, and more! Key features include: fast installation, silver grey tread plate surface, 1 roll covers up to 150 sq. ft, non-porous material, withstands common garage chemicals and temperature changes, and is easy to clean. Dimensions: 7.5ft x 20ft.
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