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Dog Bark Eliminator

- Model #: AN-319
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Dog Bark Eliminator  Model# AN-319
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Stop any dog from barking safely, effectively and humanely! It really works!
Barking dog keeping you up at night? Stop it with the Dog Bark Eliminator! Styled after systems developed by veterinarians, this device emits an ultrasonic frequency that's inaudible to humans, but dogs can't stand. Simply press a button and it immediately emits a tone to deliver a safe and harmless - yet amazingly effective - correction. Dog Bark Eliminator also can be used as a coaching device - helps controls dogs that dig through your trash or flower beds! Features expanded 50' range, audible control option, LED flashlight for walking your dog at night and wrist strap. '9V' battery not included. 4-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/2".
11/21/2011 - BC - Corvallis, OR
I recently ordered this product and I can not say enough good about it. We have very nice neighbors but their dog is a barking monster. We waited over a year for them to train the dog not to bark but he barked at every noise. If we opened our patio door he barked, when we sat in our back yard and talked or had people over for barbeque, he barked. We finally had enough, I told my husband "If the neighbors will not train their dog, I will!"

It was effective very quickly but took about 3 days for the dog to connect the ultrasound tone with his barking. Blessed peace and no angry neighbors!!

9/9/2010 - RTP - queens village, NY

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