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Savoureux Pro Line ™ Convection Oven

- Model #: 737
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Savoureux Pro Line  Convection Oven  Model# 737
Savoureux Pro Line ™ Convection Oven Item No. WW22-69218A Overall Customer Rating: (12 reviews) Shipping $9.95$4.95 Read reviews or write a review
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Bake, roast, barbecue, broil, air-fry, air-broil, grill and steam foods to mouth-watering perfection at faster-than-microwave speeds!
Convection oven from Savoureux Pro Line™ combines the performance of ten appliances in one! This time saver replaces a kitchen full of appliances including a standard oven, broiler, microwave, toaster oven, rotisserie, grill, deep-fat fryer, convection oven, electric frying pan and electric steamer. It cooks virtually anything at breakneck speeds and uses 60% less energy. Features: • Convection cooking technology • 1300 watts of power, adjustable thermostat and timer • Comes with large 12-quart capacity bowl, dual and lower rack and tongs • Easy "turn it on and watch it go" operation and lightning-quick clean-up • Cooks from frozen to finished with NO defrosting • Space-saving 15" x 15" x 10.5" design.
9/5/2010 - JM - yonkers, NY
This oven is even better than they say it is,I love it and so easy to clean too.

8/4/2010 - CV - youngstown, OH
this a single mans best friend no standing over a hot stove come home take your meat from the freezer put it in the savoreux set the timer and have a seat until you hear the bell

5/13/2010 - TP - Nyack, NY
Great product at a great value. I just can't say enough about this fabulous oven. Easy to use, easy to clean, fast and efficient. Buy it and you won't regret it.

2/10/2010 - KEM - Fenton, MO
This thing is the cat's meow.[No I didn't cook a cat!!] I did however cook a big sirloin steak in it the first day I got it. I have never had a juicier steak in my life!! From frozen to fully cooked in about 30 minutes. Med rare just like I like it. Tonight I going to try some chicken breast. A must have in the kitchen! Set it and wait. Try it you will love it!!!!

2/3/2010 - MY - New York, NY
I love this unit so much that within a week of getting it, I quickly ordered a 2nd one. I need it for parties. I can't believe how easy and wonderful it cooks food. Throw the food in (even frozen), set the timer/Temp and it's on autopilot. No need to heat up the big oven, no worries about burning food, no grease splattering, no smoking pans and easy cleanup. Also a very healthy way of cooking because no need to add oils if so desire and any fat is dripped down to the bottom of bowl. Ideal for making quick & healthy snacks for the hungry kids right after school (average time 10-15mins). I'm buying less unhealthy fast foods and making more homemade yummy foods. So far I've made grilled pork chops, steak, Asian Chicken wings, Asian Beef on a Stick and the most awesome Teriyaki Salmon I've ever tasted. I've literally become an accomplished chef overnight. The food comes out fragrant & crispy outside and succulent inside. I've rediscovered a love for cooking and can't wait to try out recipies I've collected over the years. I

1/25/2010 - ADQ - Kansas City, MO
The best cooking device ever made. This is my second one. I bought my first one and tried it out.. Over 15 different items, all cooked to perfection. Frozen chicken, pork chops, pizza, cookies.. It didn't matter. All perfect. Gave the first one to my college kid and now she cooks almost every meal on this thing. With out a doubt - a MUST BUY.

12/22/2009 - JCZ - lisbon, ME
i have only had this one day so far and I love it! I read the manual and made some french fried potatoes in it-awesome! no grease and they really do taste better than any fast food fries i`ve ever tasted. I also made chicken wings-again NO GREASE! and as good as any I`ve ever eaten. This is well worth the money if you want to cook but dont want a big mess. the only drawback i can see so far (remember one day) is that it is not big enough to cook a large bird or roast with trimmings all at once, but I didnt buy it for that anyway. i may have to invest in a real convection oven now to cook for the whole family at gatherings-these things are great!

12/13/2009 - NMMH - New Castle, DE
My husband and I love this convection oven!!!!! We can cook anything in this oven and the food tastes so juicy, flavorful and is so tender! All the fat drips away and we eat healthier meals! We feel like we are dinning at a five star restaurant every evening! We highly recommend this product.........

10/8/2009 - MFS - pierre, SD
assume! cooks anything & everything you put in it in no time. TASTE GREAT!

9/20/2009 - JPL - steens, MS

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