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Universal Ink 4 Life Kit

- Model #: F14L-SXB-102
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Universal Ink 4 Life Kit  Model# F14L-SXB-102
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The name says it all: Free Ink 4 Life! Guaranteed to work with any printer & to be the last refill kit you'll ever buy!
Tired of paying outrageous prices for inkjet cartridges? Free Ink 4 Life delivers over 450 cartridges worth of refills. The no mess inkjet refill system that includes everything you need for instant success - it pays for itself over and over again! The no-mess design features 5 special stations plus a CD with step-by-step instructions to make refilling a breeze. Comes with 5 high quality ink formulations (2 black, 1 cyan, 1 yellow & 1 magenta), 31 piece tool kit & unlimited free ink when you run out (just pay their shipping charge).
11/7/2011 - JAH - Hyde Park, UT
I bought this from Heartland at least 3 or more years ago and I have bought ink twice since then and never have to buy a cartridge unless I accidentally don't get it refilled before the ink runs out completely which can cause the electrical unit in the cartridge to burn out. I have my printer here about 2 years old that has never had the black cartridge changed because I never burned out the electrical part, however I have had to buy 2 color cartridges because I burned out one of the ink color sensors, but if I'm careful to refill them partially each week, I never burn out the sensor and don't have to buy new cartridges, so essentially my ink costs nothing and we use the printer a lot!!!

10/12/2011 - WMK - loxahatchee, FL
Kit is awesome, and easy. Refilled my cartridge, saved 30$, refilled two other peoples cartridges made 20$.. wow....

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