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36 LED Solar Motion Light

- Model #: S8103A
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36 LED Solar Motion Light  Model# S8103A 36 LED Solar Motion Light  Model# S8103A
36 LED Solar Motion Light
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36 LED solar powered light delivers tireless security & never costs a penny in electricity!
This quality 36 LED Solarex® light detects motion in an area up to 235 square feet and automatically turns on to send thugs scrambling! This light installs in minutes and has a movable solar panel that harnesses energy from the sun and charges the on-board battery - even on cloudy days! When motion is detected, the 36 super-bright LED's cast a piercing beam that stays on for any time you select up to 60 seconds. Sturdy weather resistant construction stands up to harsh elements. Mounting hardware included.
10/21/2012 - TB - HAZLETON, PA
I purchased mine a few months ago to use on my front porch and it works excellent, One of the great features is that the light only comes on when it is dark out , which is nice especially if you are constantly going in and out of the house during the day. I highly recomend this light, in fact I am considering buying another one to be used on the rear door of my home. This is an A+ Item.

6/20/2012 - CM - Austin, TX
Up to now, the light works great. Installed it inside porch to point to door in order to be able to insert key when opening door since area is very dark. the amount of light is awesome. Easy installation. I would purchase another one If needed.

8/20/2011 - GM - Corry, PA
Bought 6 to put around the outside of the house for security. Most needed a day or two of sun to operate properly. All are mounted under the soffit for weather protection, none in direct sunlight. Most with about 15 - 20 foot range in the summer. Used for the past 6 months, all work well, would recomend.

6/2/2011 - NMB - Stony Point, NY
I usually don't like inexpensive solar lights--you get what you pay for most of the time. THIS LIGHT was a surprise. It is NOT a floodlight, but it easily illuminates a driveway entrance or something about that width. It is easy to set-up. Sensitive wide-range on sensor. Worth the money and more!

4/21/2011 - CC - Va. Beach, VA
This light is wonderful. The light is really bright. I gave one to family in Dakar Senegal. They have frequent power outages. They love it. I think I posted this comment on the wrong product previously. (accent lights). Got it right this time. Great product for the money.

C. Curry
VA. Beach, VA.

1/10/2011 - RKK - Cortlandt Manor, NY
Purchased a few months back. Seperate solar panel allowed me to mount light by doorway where needed and mount solar panel on other side of house that gets more direct sun. Good amount of light. Sensitive sensor. The only maintenance I do is to brush the snow off the solar panel when it builds up. Works very well. Very satisfied. Shopped around and price can't be beat. May buy more.

11/12/2010 - CT - Metairie, LA
Pretty good light for the price. I use it to light up my driveway along the side of my house. I was surprised by the amount of light it throws. The only thing is that I wish there was a switch on the light to leave it on from time to time instead of only being activated by motion. Other than that it was a good buy.

8/8/2010 - AYH - San Jose, CA
The light works very well. I am very satisfied with its performance. I took a chance and bought two. For the price, you can't beat it! it's no 150W floodlight, but it truely gives off adequate lighting to see where you're walking at night. I have a 15W halogen solar motion detector light that cost twice the price and it doesn't perform as well as this 36 LED light. I followed the instructions and charged it in full sunlight for two days. Then, I mounted one of these units on my back fence almost 30 feet from my house. As soon as I step out into my backyard the 36 LEDs turn on. It's even portable enough that I can dismount it quickly and use it as a flashlight. Best of all, I don't have to pay for electricity or hassle with wiring.

6/5/2010 - LP - Olean, NY
This is a very sensitive light, it goes off with the slightest movement. It gives off pretty good light for being a solar light. The extra long cord is very nice too.

5/20/2010 - DKK - Seattle, WA
I'm a little skeptical of LED floodlights, but this unit worked out OK for me. All I needed was a simple security light for my small backyard, but I don't have the money to hire an electrician to wire up an outlet. The sensor is pretty sensitive, but as mentioned in an earlier review, the light beam is not exactly wide but a little focused, more like a spotlight. For backyard use, I'd suggest buying 2 or 3 units instead of just one. Also, if you park your car just outside of your garage, this would be a good inexpensive solution to cast a little light on driveway in front of the garage door. Please note that the picture shows the unit upside-down. From the looks of the pear-shaped mounting holes in the back, it was intended to be installed with the sensor below the light.

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