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Solar Powered Mole Repeller

- Model #: A316
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Solar Powered Mole Repeller  Model# A316
Solar Powered Mole Repeller Item No. WW22-67276 Overall Customer Rating: (13 reviews)   Read reviews or write a review
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Eliminate underground rodents from your lawn and garden using the power of the sun!
Say "goodbye" to moles, gophers and batteries with this revolutionary solar-powered pest repeller! This safe, humane, environmentally-friendly device produces a sonic pulse that you and your pets can barely hear, but it makes burrowing rodents run to "safer" ground away from your lawn and garden. It covers a 6,000 square foot area. During the day, it runs on the sun. At night, it's powered by an internal rechargeable NiCad solar charged battery for 24-hour-a-day protection. 12"H x 6" diameter.
9/3/2012 - JR - MEMPHIS, TN
AMAZING JOB ! I buy from Heartland loyally & figured that I would try this since the battery powered model i had would no longer work. After installing this in my front yard the mole issue stopped in 2-3 days and none have returned since the spring. This product surprised me and worked beyond my expectation. I'm probably gonna buy 1-2 more just to have as back up before they say NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Thanks again Heartland America ..... $$$$ well spent !!!

1/1/2012 - CMJ - Green Valley, AZ
We had little ground squirrels in the yard and also had mice getting down into the flat roof which has space between ceiling and roof. We put one of these on the roof in a clay pot filled with pebbles to hold it. It worked! After years of this problem, it is now gone. Also worked very fast to get rid of the yard rodents. It seems that we no longer have pack rats getting into our car engines stripping the wires and hoses. Well worth the price. Wish I had gotten them sooner.

9/8/2011 - SAY - Kent, OH
I highly recommend this product. Within a matter of days, the mole holes appeared to stop messing up my yard! I was so pleased that I purchased 2 more!

7/11/2011 - DWB - Lebanon, IN
We tried everything to rid my mother's back yard of moles including a couple of similar smaller soler powered units. She ordered one of these and I installed it this spring. To protect it from the lawn mower, we surrounded it with a ring of landscape stones. This is the first time we haven't had any mole tracks what-so-ever in the backyard. Great product!

5/17/2011 - JWS - Pasadena, MD
Worked in two days, even the squirrels don't like the faint buzzing sound and left the bird feeder alone. Just ordered a second one for the front yard. The quality is much better than the ones I saw in the stores. Can't go wrong

9/8/2010 - MAK - linwood, NJ
I had a fortress in my side yard. The Mole Repeller cleared out the entire "command central"! I am now ordering additional backup for the rest of the property. Thanks for the great product at a great price!!

8/29/2010 - DS - Valdosta, GA
I had a mole problem in the front and back lawn. I purchased the Solar Mole Repeller; after exterminator told me it would not work, and I no longer have the moles and the squirrels have also disappeared.

5/26/2010 - L.O - San Pablo, CA
I had a mole problem. I no longer have one.

5/24/2010 - BE - San Jacinto, CA

12/11/2009 - WJC - Chappaqua, NY

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