5 Revolutionary Heartland America Tools That DIY Dad Swears By!
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Heartland America Blog

5 Revolutionary Tools That DIY Dad Swears By!

Tackle your next DIY project with these handy must-have tools! DIY Dad shows you how to use them & reveals expert tips you won’t find anywhere else.

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by Jessie Breheim • October 27, 2023

Are you a DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiast constantly hunting for the next tool that will become the crown jewel of your collection? Or maybe you're just starting out, ready to plunge into the fulfilling universe of DIY, but you're not sure how to take the first step? No matter your experience level, we have some useful insights and unique tools for you! Come along on a journey through the frontier of DIY tool innovation, expertly led by Heartland America's one and only DIY Dad. These aren't just any tools; they're game-changers poised to revolutionize how you approach your home projects!

1. The Mighty Mini: 24V Mini Chainsaw

Appearances can be deceiving; the 24V Mini Chainsaw is small but mighty. Let our expert DIY Dad guide you through the many ways this compact powerhouse provides unmatched ease and accuracy, whether you're trimming branches or chopping logs for a cozy fire. Uncover insider knowledge on operation, upkeep, and why its compactness is actually its secret weapon!

mini chainsaw demo

2. Perfect Precision: The Laser Level

Say goodbye to uneven shelves and mismatched tiles; this level is your ticket to flawlessness. We offer an easy how-to on employing this tool to its fullest, revolutionizing both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Watch as DIY Dad illustrates its myriad uses, ensuring your projects achieve a professional finish.

diy dad

3. Conquer the Cold: Snow Joe Snow Blower

Snow's beauty quickly fades when you're clearing your driveway for the hundredth time. That's where this snow blower comes in — it's your weapon against the winter grind! See how DIY Dad sets up the snow blower, and learn crucial maintenance tips to keep your machine in peak condition.

snow blower unboxing

4. A Twist of Genius: The Dual-Sided Wrench

It's time to streamline your toolkit; the Dual-Sided Wrench is the multifunctional device you've been missing. Witness as DIY Dad showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of this clever wrench, simplifying your DIY tasks. No more rummaging for the right tool mid project!

diy dad video

5. Liquid Asset: Jobar Battery-Powered Liquid Transfer Pump

DIY Dad loves that this liquid transfer pump is powered by batteries so he can easily transfer gasoline as needed between power equipment and vehicles. It works great for various needs including in the garage/workshop, aquariums, basement, bathroom, and more. The transfer pumps not only simplify liquid transfer but also ensure it's mess-free, which means no more wastage of the products you've bought due to spills! 

diy dad liquid transfer pump video

Time to DIY Like a Pro

From the front yard to the workshop, all these tools will transform your DIY escapades. They're not here just to assist; they're here to redefine your workflow, infusing efficiency, accuracy, and joy into every endeavor. So, ready your tools, because an unparalleled DIY adventure awaits, with you at the helm and Heartland America's DIY Dad guiding the way!

Heartland America's DIY Dad: Your Ultimate Mentor!

The journey doesn't need to end here! You can elevate your DIY experience by learning alongside our skilled DIY Dad from Heartland America on many other projects. His hands-on method doesn't just review the tools; it brings them into vivid action, demonstrating their real-world potential while sharing expert-level tips and hacks. We hope his practical wisdom and boundless enthusiasm spark (or rekindle) your love for DIY projects!

Keep an eye out for more enriching posts, instructional videos, and live interactions. Remember to follow, like, and share your journey with us. Welcome to the tribe — your DIY ventures are about to hit overdrive!

Hope this helps with your next DIY adventure! 🛠️

Jessie Breheim

Heartland America Web Content Manager

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Meet DIY Dad!

ken breheim diy dad

DIY Dad, Ken Breheim, is an avid DIY’er and personal handyman for his incredibly talented daughter, Jessie Breheim (who is also Heartland America’s blog writer). Some of his work experience includes working at an electronics repair shop (many moons ago, back when VHS players were popular), third-degree black belt Taekwondo instructor, as Deployment Team Lead at IBM, and as IT support for Children’s Hospital fixing the doctor’s computers and equipment. He currently resides in Arden Hills, MN, and loves spending his free time working on new projects, fishing, or getting together with his family.

ken breheim

Ken Breheim has many years of experience with DIY projects including fixing his own cars since he was a teenager, clearing out brush and chopping wood, building new inventions such as an innovative sprinkler system that mists just right that he calls “Mr. Mister”, building houses and computers from scratch, and fixing what seems like almost anything around the house. His famous sayings are “If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done!” and “Geet ‘er done!”. He also loves sharing his DIY tips and tricks with others that he’s learned over the years professionally and what he’s found works best from his own experience.

We hope you find his videos and suggestions helpful and that your next DIY project is a successful one!

Do you have any helpful DIY tips to share or have feedback on this article? Share in the comments below! 👇 

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