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Educational Catalog of Computer Games: Science

Educational Catalog of Computer Games: Science

Science is a big subject with many branches. Science includes biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science, and statistics. It is important to learn at least some from each of these areas of science. Many of them are used in a wide variety of careers, and they can help you better understand the world around you. There are many fun games to play that allow you to learn all about science.

General Chemistry Quiz

Test your knowledge of basic chemistry concepts in this fun online quiz.

Elemental Balancing Act

Balance chemical equations and see if you can solve these problems by filling in the missing elements.

Dissection Game

Build and dissect a frog in this computer based online lab. Learn how the different organs and other parts of the frog work together to form the entire body's system of a frog.

National Geographic Recycle Roundup Game

Help clean up the park! Sort trash and other recyclables into the correct locations to do your part in cleaning up the environment. Then, use your knowledge in real life to encourage recycling in your home and community!

Climates of the World

Put the children where they live on the Earth by understanding the climates and appropriate clothing for each around the world. This is a fun take on a matching game!

Make a Mad, Mad Neuron

Build your own monster neural circuit right along with a mad scientist in this virtual science lab game.

Explore Science and Infectious Diseases

Help scientists solve mysteries with all your knowledge of infectious diseases and how they spread through communities.

Order Ops Online Game

Save the royal family in this math-based game by building staircases to rescue them from a tower where they are being held. The order of operations is an important part of math that is used in many fields of science to solve chemical and other equations.

Reeftown Rock Adventure Game

Explore the reef deep within an ocean and meet the sea animals that live there!

PHET Gas Properties

Learn all about the various properties of gas and how the molecules behave in different conditions.

Photosynthesis Review Game

Review what you know about photosynthesis in this fun virtual game!

Earth Science Game

To play this new, fun game, you can click on guest login for full access, and then answer questions to progress through this virtual world.

DSN Game of Space

Use the huge antennas of NASA to send and receive messages to and from outer space.

Outer Space Game

Answer the what-if questions to play through a scenario, and then see if you can figure out how to bring power back to the city.

The Direction of Forces Game

In different scenarios, can you figure out the cause of different forces and the direction in which they will move various objects?

Whio Bootcamp Challenge

Learn how to live in the wild and complete challenges throughout the game to see how successful you can be living in the jungle!

Animal Jam Fun Game

In this virtual playground, you can pick and choose different characteristics for your very own animal that you get to design.

The Scientific Method and the Meaning of Beep

Learn about the entire scientific method while you play this fun game!

Cells Alive: Organelle Memory Matching

This matching game is a blast and will test your knowledge of cells and their organelles.

The Periodic Table Game

See if you can name the chemical elements in this periodic table game.

Google Sky Exploration

Explore the sky in this virtual tour of the stars.

Chemical Matching Game

When you need a brain break, scroll down on this page to match up different bottles of chemicals before time runs out!

Where's Nebula?

Read along in an adventure trying to find where to land on Jupiter.

Food Chain Science Game

Drag the parts of the food chain to their correct places.

What's the Matter Game

Learn all about the different states of matter in this game for younger children.

Manufacturing Game

See if you would like to be a manufacturing technician one day to put all your science skills to use. After this game, you may decide it is the perfect job for you!

Rocket Scientist Online Game

Try to gather all the different elements in this game.

Interactive Skeletal System Game

Click and drag the bones to the correct location in the skeletal system and learn the names of the bones.

Connect the Electrons

See if you are up to the challenge to connect all the electrons in a straight line.

Science Word Search

Find all the science words in this fun word search game!